Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slow roll spinnerbait action!

Early spring roll out to the water and the electronics give me news that I can use right off the bat. Water temp is reading 57-degrees and the fish are hanging just off the bottom. These two clues may not solve the entire puzzle but it definitely points me in the right direction. With a slight breeze creating some mild chop on the water I decided to go with the spinnerbait and slow roll it.

The slow roll is just like it sounds. The bait is retrieved slowly so the blade and body more or less flutter along the bottom. In this case I am reeling in a bit faster to keep the bait moving a foot or so above the weed matte. Most folks think of the spinnerbait as a fast moving lure when in fact it is very successful bouncing across the bottom. When the weed matte is very thick I prefer to run it just above the weed line.

The color was white and black with silver and gold blades. Booyah Counter Strike in 3/8oz weight. I did not have to sexy this bait up with a grub combination or trailer hook. The skirt color, shiny blade and slow roll action brought a number of quality fish to the hand. This was a simple presentation that matched the day’s conditions very well. This is something I rarely pull off by the way. Usually I have to struggle and the way this year has been going…it is just good to see a few fish.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Anonymous said...

she a beauty, nice catch matt sam slinger

Bill Trussell said...

I remember some time ago I won a local tournament on Smith slow rolling a spinner bait. It is a true winner. Thanks for sharing

bluecollarguy said...

While i've had good success on spinnerbaits in general (when appropriate, at least for me), that particular one you're throwing has been very good to me i'd have to say. I really love to fish plastics and jigs for that -tap tap- you get when you have a customer on the other end but there's something about a spinnerbait just barely ticking along and ---booom--- getting hammered!