Saturday, April 7, 2012

Albino hellifiknow

Wind was messing up my low valley bassin’ game so I decided to change things up and hit some mountain water. The mild winter and dry spring weather have opened up a few possibilities in the high country. Fished most of the day and missed a few nibbles. Then out of nowhere I get a solid fish bump. As the fish is battled closer and closer I see colors of white and yellow shimmering through the water. Land the fish and do a quick pic and go as fast as possible.

There are a few names for this type of fish. I refer to these fish as albinos because of the isolated genetic abnormality. Golden rainbow trout and palomino are the two most common from what I can find out from a few web searches. Golden trout is another species altogether. A more detailed answer is listed below with some of the history around how these fish came about.

In closing, I am still not sure how or why these fish are in this lake other than the fact someone put them there. Even though my numbers may never come up in some mega-lotto jackpot, I am lucky enough to catch one or two of these albino rainbows in my lifetime.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


TexWisGirl said...

very cool! buy yourself a lotto ticket!

Anonymous said...

Matt, here in Eastern Idaho, we have a few lakes and ponds that have some of these fish planted. They are a pretty fish I think. Yours is very nice! We call 'em "Banana Trout".

Howard Levett said...

Never seen anything like it Matt. Have you been fishing around Rocky Flats?

Bill Trussell said...

Really unusual trout, I am still a big fan of the colors of the brookie. Thanks for sharing

bluecollarguy said...

Pretty neat catch for sure! I can't say i've heard of any lake stocked with these regularly offhand. When it comes to trout species i'd like to catch, i'd really like to get a tiger trout but i might need to do some research and add one of these guys to the list as well lol-