Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photos from the field

Through my adventures photos are taken that never seem to make it into specific fish posts. So much of my fishing goes unseen or heard. Even though these pictures may not be ready for prime time fishing posts, I have found a way to fit them in an excerpt called “Photos from the field.”

Mountain Trails

(Above: Admittedly there are things I do other than fishing. One of them is hiking. It would be a complete tragedy to live in this beautiful state of Colorado and not see some of the areas that do not have fishing nearby. )

Two Snappers

(Above: If people knew what was really in the water, they would have a much different outlook. Sometimes it is the things that are most difficult to see that can be the most dangerous. Here are two very large snapping turtles hanging out in the spring sun…probably getting ready to make more snappers.)

Dirty Job-Clean Ride

(Above: If you are going to have one of those jobs that can get a little sticky, you can at least look good doing it. My guess is that back in the day this panel wagon was kept fairly busy. Times changed and now we only see this rig at the occasional car show.)

Monster of the “Crick”

(Above: I think I figured out why fishing has been so terrible on the “crick” lately. Or maybe I simply needed a few more cups of coffee. When this slip of water fishes well I call it a “creek”. When it fishes terrible I call it a “crick”.)

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Good luck and good fishing.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, i'm lovin' nessie!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Matt, of bringing other parts of Colorado into perspective for me. I am one of you now. Look forward to seeing a lot more.

Anonymous said...

You saw those snappers just sunning themselves while you were out hiking? They're so cool!!!

Shoreman said...

Loch Ness crik monster?

Love the panel van.


iWalton said...

I love the snapper pic!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Hiking - YAY!!! LOVE hiking. Hate snapping turtles, love the CrickNess Monster. Around here, you can tell which county someone is from by whether they say Crick or Creek. For us, it's Crick.

bluecollarguy said...

Neat pics, i've gotta say i've seen a ton of turtles this spring (seems more than last year) with plenty of snappers thrown in. Either i wasn't out as much last spring or i'm losing my mind. I don't see too many softshells, but always consider that a good day even if the fishing wasn't good!

Sasha said...

Would love to know where you snapped the photo of the Snappers.