Friday, April 20, 2012

Don hits it big

Don sent me a picture the other day of him sticking the landing on a big prespawn bass. This fish is guestimated around 20-inches in length and close to 5lbs (some folks on a few local fishing forums might claim this as an 8-pounder or something crazy like that). No official tape or weight as is the case with most of Don’s fish. I guess the good news is that if I can’t post up pictures of big fish, maybe I can milk a few great fish pictures from Don. Way to go, Don! Always good to see this guy putting the lip grab on a big fatty bass.

“Deep jiggin’. Brown and green pumpkin.” Was all I could get out of him.

Water is still holding on to 57 degrees at a lot of lakes. The weather is keeping prespawn action in a slightly bi-polar mode. Just when I think the bite is going to turn up, a cold front moves in and shuts things down on the one day I took off to fish. In absence of luck I will need to find more determination. This is the only thing can possibly bridge the gap between the lack of good timing and my feeble skills.

Good luck and good fishing.


Anonymous said...

Your "feeble skills"? Oh, please! I'm going to try again this spring and summer, doing a little fly fishing too! I'll be watching your blog for inspiration and tips.

That bass Don caught is nice! I'm going to direct one of my blogging friends to the picture of that 5 pounder. She's been working out and eating right and is a little discouraged that the scale has only moved down 5 pounds. That big fish will help her visualize what she has lost! =)

Shoreman said...

If Don was a true fisherman, it would weigh 8 pounds, but an honest one would go 5 pounds.


TexWisGirl said...

wow! a great looking fish! even if you didn't catch him! :)

bluecollarguy said...

Beautiful fish, there's something special when they hit that 20" mark isn't there...