Thursday, October 6, 2011

We will miss you, Bonny

Water becomes more and more of a premium concern for Colorado as it grapples with its own needs and the contractual obligations of other states. As populations grow in the state it becomes more and more apparent that anglers and other water goers will be on the losing end of this battle. Bonny Reservoir and State Park has been on the front line of this water fight. Being located in a drought ravaged area as well as the eastern state border has made saving this body of water virtually impossible. When water demands for Nebraska and Kansas come to the forefront, Bonny takes the brunt. After years of struggling Bonny will offer its last gallons of water to the east and be closed.
Bonny was built in 1951 and quickly became a recreational oasis on the eastern plains as well as storing water for irrigation and many other aquatic needs. The lake was created on a floodplain of the Republican River. This area has been affected by drought conditions that continue to linger or worsen every year.
Fish salvage is underway making this loss a little less painful. But for me it signals a much larger issue than just Bonny. Now that this lake is drained, how will Colorado continue to meet the water demands of both this state and others without seriously impacting other fisheries. The haunting reality is this…Bonny today, what will be lost tomorrow.


Cofisher said...

This is truly a shame. For my money, Bonny was the premier warm water fishery in the state. Many fun hours spent camping and fishing there.

Team MiRketti said...

I had just asked Dad last week if he knew how Bonny was doing. He lives in Garden City, Kansas and has no fishing for hours around him. Bonny would have been a good place to go, but it sounds like that will not happen.

I hate seeing lakes going away with no real reservoirs being built anymore.

Venie said...

Sorry to see that :(