Monday, October 31, 2011

And the nominees are…

As usual it takes me a while to get certain things in life accomplished. It has taken me a while to search through a number of blogs and select the ones that I think fit the Versatile Blogger award. Please forgive me if I have missed anyone that feels they are worthy of this award. My blog doesn’t get much recognition and admittedly I will have to do much better at promotions.

Nominations for The Versatile Blog Award:

Run-a-roundranch is a great example of both a quality blog and blogger. Her photography is very impressive as well as versatile in subject matter. This is a blog that is vastly growing in popularity and well deserved.

I am selecting Cofisher because he is a heck of a good guy and an avid blogger. His interviews are great along with his unique perspective in regards to Colorado and fishing. The fact Howard even puts up with my blog at all is huge for me.

Bill Trussell, Fishing Through Life

Bill is versatile in his fishing ability as well as the species he targets. Warm water bass, cold-water trout and crappie slabs doesn’t even scratch the surface. I recommend following Bill to get a glimpse of him fishing through life.

Little Messy Missy

This girl does it all and is pretty kick ass. Her blog has everything from gardening, chickens and the occasional tasty dish mixed with artistic photographs. Even though I don’t comment as much as I should on her blog, the inspiration derived is as good as gold.

Here is someone versatile in life as much as her blog. Family, food, humor and a positive word now and then are what make this blog worth the views.

It is highly encouraged that recipients of blogger awards follow the spirit of sharing with other bloggers. The Versatile Blogger Award requests the following:

  1. Post your acceptance\acknowledgement of the reward on your blog. Adding the image to you overall layout is a nice touch as well.
  2. Tell 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know about you and your blog.
  3. Nominate 7 other blogs for this Versatile Blogger Award. This can be far more of a challenge than one might suspect. Hopefully no one is upset by my selections or non-selections as it were. All of the blogs I follow are pretty fantastic but may or may not be as versatile.

There were a lot of people that were contemplated for this award and I struggled quite a bit with the acceptance, selection and then awarding others part. Originally I said that I was only going to nominate 5 blogs but still reserving the right to award 2 more if they would check their e-mails for my accept or reject e-mail.

Bloggers may reject, refuse or otherwise not acknowledge this or other awards from ColoradoCasters. Blog award rules and regulations that are broken, disregarded or violations that arise from said broken rules will have to be settled in blog court I guess.

A huge thanks goes out to all that stop by and view my blog. Your comments, views and rates mean far more to me than you know. I wish you all the very best.


Cofisher said...

Thank you Matt! It's great to be recognized by one of our own. We need to fish sometime.

Bill Trussell said...

Thanks for the award. I am glad there are fishermen like you out there that enjoy my blog. I try to keep my post concise and to the point. Your blog is one of my favorite, because you bring me back to what I use to do with bass fishing. I use to be a tournament guy and fish from dust to dawn, but those days are over now that I am older. Being retired has given me a chance to be a little more selective in my fishing. The fly rod, jigger pole and of course the micro light rods are a big part of my fishing now. I truly love this sport and intend to keep doing it as long as I can walk and get to my boat.

Venie said...

Thanks for the award Matt! I'm glad u enjoy my blog as much I enjoy urs too =)


I can't say enough about Bill Trussell...or have a great list! Nice idea...