Monday, October 17, 2011

ColoradoCasters receives “Versatile Award”

I am very much honored to receive this award from Priyanka over at and truly thankful. Getting an award from the blogger community is something that I have weighed with mostly anticipation but also a little dread depending on the award. The term versatile fits this blog really well making this award very appropriate and I can’t think of a fitting first blog award.

Let’s face it my blog would never receive “Most Advanced” or “Coolest Layout” accolades but you have to admit that for being such a fishing nut my blog is in fact very versatile in both material as well as fishing. And that really is the key to getting folks to stop by on a regular basis. If ColoradoCasters were nothing but shameless bragging people wouldn’t tolerate my lack of useful information. The sense of adventure, the occasional rant, bad artwork, crazy fish theories and random photos make it all just a bit more worthwhile. With the amount of effort put forth you would think this blog would crazy fishing blog would be far more popular. Unfortunately my lack of marketing and promotion more or less makes me my own worst enemy when it comes to things like format updates or even blog rolls. So when Priyanka gave me this award it was a most welcome sight. Once again, thank you.

Awards also come with requirements and this one is no exception. Being somewhat of a rebel I am going to have to alter the nomination amount to five blogs and name the selection in an upcoming post. To help make up for my lack of award nominees I will say 10 ten things about myself that people may be surprised to know (The official requirements are to nominate 15 blogs and say 7 things. Hopefully no one sues in me blogger court for doing something else).

  1. For a living I am currently a Project Manager\engineer in the field of telecommunications. The job is demanding but the technology is something that makes it a fascinating challenge every day.
  2. I used to hunt but now have chosen to primarily fish. I still defend the rights of responsible hunters in this country.
  3. My fly-fishing skills need more work than even my own blog suggests.
  4. I cooked my way through college at various restaurants in Colorado.
  5. Besides working in Colorado I have spent two years working just outside of Salt Lake City Utah.
  6. Born in Idaho and have lived in Montana, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado and have spent a bit of time in California, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico and even Kansas. But spent very little time east of Nebraska.
  7. My behavior is often reckless but for the most part I am neat and organized.
  8. My claims of Blackfoot heritage are greatly exaggerated and completely unsubstantiated. But being born in the town originally named “Eagle Rock”, I sometimes try to acknowledge 0.02% Native American Black foot Tribe heritage with no government or tribal benefits. Some things you just feel.
  9. Boxers over briefs.
  10. I spend more time fishing than even my blog suggests.

If you get time, please visit and say hello. One of my favorite things about the blog format is that it helps you connect with so many people across the world with so many interests with more to say than just a tweet here and there.

My name is Matt and I just got the “Versatile Blog” Award!


TexWisGirl said...

congrats, matt! good going!

Cofisher said...

Every crazy guy like you deserves to be recognized...congrats!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Learning to fly fish at all, even badly, is on my bucket list. Someday. And my fav fact you posted is your "boxers over briefs." Yes, we ALL need to know that about you, Matt! :)
But you are, indeed, a versatile blogger, or else I, a pretty much "nonfisher person" would not keep coming back! Good for you.

Venie said...

Congrats Matt =) No fish today?!

Anonymous said...

I would have thought commando.

Grats man, you deserve an award.