Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fishing with Hookers

One of my lifelong dreams is to have my very own fishing show on some obscure cable TV channel. How cool would that be to have a camera crew follow me around and receive a sponsor budget over the usual 20 bucks leftover from my paycheck at the end of the week. For some silly reason I think my fishing style and personality would bring a fresh new outlook to the TV fishing scene with a freestyle edge you don’t see on the big yawn shmackity schmackity bla bla bla fishing shows.

Then I come across a team of anglers that have produced a fishing video that is nothing short of amazing. These guys show some of the behind the scene details and inner workings of just how difficult it can be to produce episodes of such quality. Move over Bill Dance…now there is “Fishing with Hookers”. Huge congrats to Robert Bertrand and team for putting this together.

Fishing With Hookers from Brett Eichenberger on Vimeo.

These guys have been around for a while apparently and like me they have been shunned from most professional media sources. That is a shame to say the least and I feel their pain. At some point I have to give up on trying to be accepted in certain fishing circles. The fact that I throw spin gear at trout and have more of a “face for radio” doesn’t help things either. Maybe I am not submitting my material to the right venues. Maybe fishing a few tournaments would help (I might prefer a sharp stick in the eye to be honest). Maybe I simply wanted to post a funny fishing video before heading to a dentist appointment.

My name is Mattsabasser and I just want to fish.


Anonymous said...

The camera will love him.

John said...

Keep the dream alive Matt. Be yourself, screw the others, Mattsabasser and he's got his face on a trading card. For an off the wall, Canadian fishing celeb, check out Dave Mercer at http://www.factsoffishing.com/
This guy's a riot!

truewonder said...

It's been too long, and here you are still chugging along. Listen to John there, really. You are self deprecating...and while we'd like to see that in say, the President...Casters, fishing storytellers need answer or explain to no one except themselves.
Nobody talks fish like you do, well- at least nobody I'd listen to. Keep it up- you're funny, sincere, sweet and passionate about doing what you love.
So what if you don't rank among the shellacked league of money grubbers, thank goodness...I don't see you kissin' anybody's butt except maybe a mermaid's. Those other fishing shows bore me to tears, bring back Virgil Ward- now he was a sight to see. (Not sure if he was really trying to be funny, but damn- he was entertaining.)
Keep on writing, working on your strengths, if you have weaknesses- fake it, nobody will know unless you tell them.
I don't come around much, but every time I do- I learn something, laugh and feel just a bit better.
Thanks, now accept my two cents and just keep going for it.
Take care-

Coloradocasters said...

@JGR: I’ve watched the clip about a hundred times.

@John: Roger that, John! Watched the Mercer videos and agree that is some top-notch stuff. Loved the muskie vid especially.

@Truewonder: Two cents of gold! Thank you so much and know that I really am glad you stopped by with these words of encouragement and your timing is perfect. In my opinion the shameless bragging is easier to stomach when mixed with humor and humility. The problem is that my fishing results often result in more humility and far less chances for shameless bragging. John’s words are always worth soaking in. You are more than welcome to stop by at your leisure.