Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photos from the field

Through my adventures photos are taken that never seem to make it into specific fish posts. So much of my fishing goes unseen or heard. Even though these pictures may not be ready for prime time fishing posts, I have found a way to fit them in an excerpt called “Photos from the field.”

March in Colorado is one of those crazy months that could have everything from a sideways running blizzard to high temperatures of 70-degrees all in the same day. Warm water action is far from prime time but slowly getting underway. I should be chasing walleye but instead find myself chasing buckets and smallies. For what it is worth I am happy to have open water.

Must Fish

(Above: Don grabbed this shot while we were fishing morning fog. One of the common requests I get is to show more background in my fish pictures. For those people, this shot is for you.)

Stampede of Fog

(Above: Late morning start but I am still rolling to the fishing spot. Out of nowhere a stampede of ground-cloud rushes across the road covering the landscape. Visibility went from several miles to nothing as soon as I dropped into the drainage basin.)

Rock Worm

(Above: A mysterious sighting for me in Colorado is these peculiar holes made through solid rock. Could there be a large worm that eats its way through granite and quartz? Maybe they move and feed only at night, which is why I have never seen the worms during my outdoor adventures. Probably just a drill hole left over from dynamiting the rock for a roadway or something like that.)

Circle of Ice

(Above: Nature amazes me on a continuous basis. Here the current has shaped a near perfect circle of ice in the river. Even though wilderness follows its own order most of the time, nature’s geometry is flawless.)

Special Sauce

(Above: My fishing addiction keeps me from exploring a lot of different circles like the crazy world of BBQ spices and silly named rub mixes for example. After reading some of the labels created by the masters of this arena…this may be a world I could do without. Ha ha )

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Good luck and good fishing.


Shoreman said...

Hey Matt. Like the ice circle shot. Not something you see every day or maybe not in your lifetime.


Cofisher said...

Love the pics as usual, but you got me with the BBQ sauce and rubs!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Shoreman, very interesting picture of the ice circle. Definitely a unique setting. Thanks for sharing, Matt.