Thursday, March 10, 2011

A note on Fishing File Management

Sharing information on the Internet for most is a casual affair. They log on and post with a few taps of the keyboard and leave it at that. They could care less about organizing the files along the way or even using spell check at times. One of the aspects of my blog material is the endless file management. I have to process and filter a lot of pictures, research info and keep all of this manageable to some degree.

It all starts with a download from my digital camera after a trip. A folder is created with the date (yyyymmdd so they sort nicely) and all the pictures from that trip are placed there. It also helps if I do the picture editing in this folder as well but it doesn’t always happen that way and I end up doing the cleanup later. Then at the end of the year I can migrate all of that to an external hard drive for safekeeping.

A huge glob of files in one single folder would be much more difficult to analyze. This method enables me to review the material by location and date allowing me to factor in the success at certain times of year folder by folder. I still end up with a few straggling pictures to the right but you get the idea.

My blog posts are also managed but this organization is streamlined into categories rather than specific folders. This is done so that I can review the posts, articles and whatnot in a glance for a specific subject or titled post. This comes in handy when I think that a subject might have already been covered or I may wish to re-submit on another venue for some reason. When first starting out I was in complete chaos with my fishing file management. Even my current fishing forum submittals would be lost in the shuffle. Now that a little forethought and discipline has been employed it makes the whole situation easier to work with. This is probably something most are already doing in some fashion. Hopefully there are one or two bloggers out there that are possibly drowning in the file chaos and looking for the answer. With an added external file storage system and a little self-discipline you can at the very least find stuff easier.

Good luck and good fishing


Bill Trussell said...

I can't say enough about this post. I use a lot of photos and have found that a good software photo package has helped me to keep all my photos flied neatly. I too use an external hard drive. It can be a life saver if your computer hard drive goes down. As for the spell check and grammar check I never post anything using the blogger spell or grammar check. I always use Microsoft word as the final check. I have notice a lot of post on blogs that forgo any kind of spell or grammar check. I feel if you are putting information on the net for the public to read you should at least take the time to make sure it is written correctly. I recently updated my labels on my blog, so visitors could find different subject post easier. I found that this not only helps the visitor but it also helps me when I am looking for a particular post that I have written. Detail to little things makes a difference in blogging. Thanks for sharing

Coloradocasters said...

Thank you so much, Bill. This post was more or less an attempt to encourage others to manage and save the material they write if not already doing so. This aspect is a never-ending chore for me in regards to the file sorting and something I have come to respect more and more.

Sometimes I struggle in regards to what aspect of my blog is meant to be useful and what is merely shameless bragging. Every once in a while I might just throw a curve ball and try to toss out something useful to one or two bloggers.