Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check out could be your free FTP

In an effort to help a few archaic and not the most tech savvy bloggers like myself out there with some news they can use, I would like to introduce a program called Dropbox. This is a free program that acts similar to a File Transfer Protocol that multiple users can access once you share the folders with them.

I set up a Dropbox folder for The MAD Fishing Show and then sent an e-mail to Don a few weeks ago and so far it has worked out great. A calendar will be added for planning and we toss web maps and other info there for review. Much easier than a file attachment and doesn’t set off my eight layer firewall on the shoebox and three wires I use for a PC. Here is a quick screen shot of what we have going so far.

If you are currently collaborating with other PC users and don’t already have an existing FTP setup, give Dropbox a look. This system is also upgradeable to meet large file demands at a reasonable price (you can share folders and earn more free space). I have used other FTP systems both fee and free but think Dropbox is easier to work with.

Not having to clean out the e-mail box of attachments is a nice bonus. Hope this helps.

Good luck and good fishing.


Tim Gerke said...

Nice plug for Dropbox.

I have to second this motion though. Dropbox rules! I use it at work and at home and it's amazingly convenient and easy to use. I have the free 2GB account. Check it out if you haven't already.

Cofisher said...

I'm going to be checking it out as soon as I come to my senses.