Friday, March 18, 2011

March Bucket

(Above: Clydish looking bucket willing to cough up a mid-day bite.)

Saturday obligations had me in lockdown mode and had to switch things up to a rare Sunday water launch. Early morning wake up to a cold heavy drizzle and I go right back to bed. After an hour of extra sleep and three extra cups of coffee the rain stops, clouds part and I roll out to the water.

“My bones are still trying to lose the chill from last week…and the week before that.”

This will be the first spin on my new ODC Sport LT tooner from Creek Company, more on that hopefully in a later post. Suffice to say I struggle with the transition right off the bat and had to pull over twice to readjust the straps. Barely made it to the lake with the new tooner still on the truck. With the late start my casting doesn’t begin until noon.

The bass seem to still be a bit sluggish but willing to make moves towards shallow water. I was able to pick two smaller bass out of the coves just a few feet from shore in about a foot of water. This lake has a bit of weed matte at the bottom so my presentations were focused on slow moving weedless and swimming baits. Salamanders, grubs and even deadstick plastics are good options for me this time of year as I can run them on the bottom without too much trouble whether it is shallow or deep. When search baits fail to get bites or when I need to work deep or shallow structure slowly, a weedless plastic type lure is going to get the toss.
There are some samples shown above of just a few plastic lure types that I like to throw. I recommend the bassing beginner start out with the fantastic plastics as opposed to crankbaits with extra hooks that can spell disaster. Retrieve speeds can vary for the time of year but right now I am running things slow. Real slow.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Bill Trussell said...

Nice Bass---those soft plastics are hard to beat. Have you tried the fluke in cream, it is deadly this time of year.

Coloradocasters said...

I throw flukes in baby bass, watermelonseed and even lemon for trout...which one is the cream? Are we talking Yum products?

Rigged weedless an angler can walk the dog on top of the water or go Texas-rig and work more vertically. I have kinda been in a fluke rut in regards to my colors. I'll toss out a link below for a product reference. Thanks for the comment, Bill.®-Soft-Plastic-Baits-Super-Fluke/product/7506/-429686