Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twist the ankle-Do a beer review

Prolog: Fishing a steep dirt incline I snag the fly on a twig of an outstretched log that had fallen onto the shelf. It was a precarious area to begin with so carefully I inched my way down and unhooked the fly. As weight was pushed off my legs to get back up the entire dirt shelf, log and all decides to start rolling down towards the lake. Some mad scrambling ensued to keep myself from going into the drink. Somehow I reach the top of the incline with dry feet. Then I stand up and feel a twinge of numbness in my left ankle and foot.

“Uh…that isn’t good.” I said.

Funny thing is there was no pain until the next day. Not enough to make me cut the whole foot off, stop walking, or anything like that. No swelling, no discoloration, it was a carbon copy of the one on the other side. It just hurt a little bit unless I tried to turn. Then it really hurt.

“Eh…walk it off tough guy.” I chirped while drinking my second cup of coffee.

When the pain didn’t go away after a day or two I started to get more concerned and walked a bit more gingerly. By Friday I was waiving off cliff jumps and fishing trips. If the pain wasn’t cleared out by the weekend I was going into the doc.

Friday night after a quick trip to the local brew vendor I decided there were only two ways to salvage this mess. Wrap the ankle up and do a beer review on the blogilicious. I have seen a few beer reviews on other fishing blogs and have always wanted to chime in on the subject. I have explored beer to a great extent and dare say these exploits have been nearly as adventurous as my fishing. My only stipulation is that the beer I review has to have something to do with fish or fishing.

On with the review…

Kokanee, A Canadian Pilsner. Doesn’t taste like salmon!

Kokanee is a light pilsner lager compared to most Canadian beers with 5.0% alcohol and just so happens to be the best selling beer in British Columbia. Having consumed the other Canadian products such as Molson’s “Golden, Canadian and even their XXX”, I decided to give Kokanee a side-by-side taste run. Probably not the best idea I have ever had.

The flavor is light compared to another Canadian import that I have tasted. In fact this tastes a lot like a “Yank” beer such as Budwesier or MGD. The color, body and even the label looks a lot like a beer you would find in the United States. Easy to tip back I might add and about three-fourths the drunken-punch of a regular Canadian import (by about 0.3 to 0.5% depending on the exact beverage). I had three down by the time I remembered the six-pack of Molson Canadian I bought as well for the head to head match up. One swig of the more stout M-C and I could tell the difference. Had to pace myself with the M-C’s in order to catch up. Have to admit that the Kokanee was pretty smooth.

The problem isn’t the taste…it’s the slogans. The folks at Kokanee had a local niche with the original slogan “Brewed RIGHT in the Kootenays”. But everyone that lived outside the Kootenays said…”What’s a Kootenay? I don’t think beer is supposed to come out of there.”

So they change the old slogan to “Glacier Fresh!”…um…glaciers are kinda like the oldest thing on the planet next to rocks. I know there is a complex filtering and brewing process (they use stream water actually) but aren’t glaciers pretty much the same thing as really old ice cubes? Why not say you use spring water or just plain old runoff if your angle is to be “fresh”? I don’t know. If it were me, the glacier angle would be different…

“Smooth like a glacier…Prehistoric buzz!!!”

In closing, I would say that Kokanee is a good, light tasting Canadian import that doesn’t require bail money.

The ankle? It sounds crazy but I could tell that there was something out of place. I wrapped the ankle and foot up in an ace bandage and rotated it in the air until the crunching noises stopped. There was a warm tingly sensation that felt like blood rushing into the damaged area for several minutes. The sharp pain was gone and only a mild soreness remained. Now if I could only cure this prehistoric hangover.

Good luck and Good Fishing.





troutrageous1 said...

Hope the ankle heals up good. Doesn't sound too bad, but then again it isn't my ankle!

As far as Kokanee, I don't know about drinking it, but trying to access their website is crazy. A ton of numbers up on a screen - wow.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

ICK to the rotating and crunching in your ankle. Glad it worked for you, but, really? Eww.
Hey, good use of your time, very productive, to think of rating beer while laid up for the weekend. But since you live in CO, and can actually GET Alaskan Amber,and other Alaskan Brewery beer there, why would you waste your time with any other???
(You want bad - ever had a Genesee Cream Ale? Not even sure they make it any more. THAT was BAD. STUFF.)

SweetiePea said...

Congratulations on tying that into fishing .... barely. :-D

Dennis said...

If memory (I have a few fried brain cells so take that into consideration) serves me right, Bigfoot was part of their add compaign years back.

Never tried it, but if I do ever see it around here I'll give it a whirl.

Feel better bud....kool review (thumbs up)

Anonymous said...

Simply put: That was awesome!

Hope your ankle feels 100% soon so you can get back at it! Take care.

Savage said...

Hope the ankle heals up. I can't think of anything worse than being on the side lines during fall fishing. Good luck with the beers.

MNAngler said...

It's too bad fate threw you that curve ball on the weekend I was visiting Colorado. I had so much fun I hope to return again next summer. Maybe we can hook up then.

The Sowbug said...

Like the mode of thinking. Can't get out to do a some fishing...? Do some beer exploration. There's a lot of exploring one can do here in CO.

Cheers to a speedy recovery!

Stone Fox said...

I"m not a big beer drinker. I'll have Guiness, Stella and a Portugese one called Sagres every now and then. Kokanee though... I have tried and will pick up on the way to a party. Why? Because I like the way the name sounds. It's a smooth name and I'll make myself believe that it tastes good because something with a smooth name must be smooth. Right?

Coloradocasters said...

Thank you so much for the comments. I put my beer classification into three categories, Imports, microbrews and “Yank” beers. Domestic beer is much lighter in body and flavor compared to the others. I respect all three but “real” beer aficionados feel that Yank beer is too watered down.

I like to mix things up on my blogilicious at times but won’t try to milk these beer reviews too much. My shameless fish bragging would suffer quite a bit without the fabulous fish content that I work so hard for. This blog is fueled by your comments. Thank you so much for reading, rating and commenting.