Thursday, September 30, 2010

Deadliest Catch-“Captains stand together”

I don’t have a lot of time for TV but love to catch episodes of Deadliest Catch when they are on. Watching these guys battle freezing water, ice and raging seas in bad weather really pumps me up for the next adventure. Seeing what these guys have to endure on a regular basis increases my yearning for adventure while keeping my complaining in perspective.

Enter Turmoil-could kill the show

Now the show is in turmoil over a dispute with the Hillstrands that jeopardizes the program and the relationship crab fishermen have with the Discovery Channel. Apparently a new pilot show ran into trouble and the Hillstrands failed to complete the project for whatever reason. Discovery turned around and sued them for 3-Million bucks. This will cripple the crab fishing enterprise forcing them to sell the boat and lay off the crew. This is a bad play for both sides and I don’t see the show recovering without some level of tarnished reputation, hard feelings and lost viewers. Without knowing all of the details of the disagreement, I am thinking both sides own some of the blame. For Discovery to bring in their team of fancy suited lawyers it is safe to assume that the Hillstrands have indeed violated the signed agreements. But to risk relationships on a viable show for a pilot\spin off is silly at best. Deadliest Catch is one of Discovery Channels more popular shows.

Hail, Captain Sid!
Know the Hillstrand boat is my least favorite on the show for a number of reasons but The Nothwestern is my favorite crab boat on the show. Captain Sid has announced his pulling out of the show stating that “Captains stand together”. This speaks volumes to me and I hope the other captains pull out as well. As much as I will miss the pounding waves and pump of adrenaline before a big trip, captains stand together. Thank you, Captains for giving me a glimpse into your fishing world.

Hope it all works out and the show can continue with the majority of the original cast. May the Hillstrands survive this litigation and continue their family tradition of crab fishing in the arctic sea. Link to full article below.

Good luck and Good Fishing.


Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I'm sure it comes as NO surprise that this is one of my favorite shows. Though Captain Phil Harris and sons were/are my favorites, I like Sig next best. I didn't know about this break so I will be following it closely. I also love, love, love the Bon Jovi theme song, "Dead or Alive."

Fish Whisperer said...

United they stand, divided they fall.

Shoreman said...

I watched that show for the first few years, but then got tired of the bickering between the Hillstrands, so I quit. I felt really bad when Phil Harris passed away and watched a few of the episodes where they honored him. That's are far as I could go.


troutrageous1 said...

It's a shame it came to this, hate to see things get tied up with litigation, etc... Hopefully those guys will continue fishing (safely) for years to come, just outside of the cameras' view.

Dennis said...

Being hot headed sometimes bites ya in the ass...right where your wallet sits.

Coloradocasters said...

I have pondered buying a crab boat, hiring a crew, getting the permits and then run a “reality cruise” of sorts where tourists pay to go crab fishing. We head out in bad weather, set a few pots and try to pull up a few crabs. Everyone gets a turn and rotates positions while an experienced crew assists. They are also ready to pull anyone out of the drink if they fall overboard.

One of the crab bays would have to be refurbished to accommodate guests and we would have personalized DVD’s of the entire trip with music and intros just like the show. All I am waiting on now is some money to do all of this and my lawyer to finish the 110-page waiver of liability. He has also suggested added an extra L to the Limited Liability Company classification.

“One person gets hurt and you will have to change your name and leave the country.”

Anonymous said...

Love the show from the start. Time Bandit a favorite boat. But when Andy fired a long time friend and crew member it hurt the show. That crew member was popular with a lot of the shows fans. These guys forget that they are no better than anybody else from deckhands to captains. You just got lucky that your dad left you guys set up with a boat. Keep the show going but maybe it's time for another boat to replace Time Bandit or at least Captain Andy.