Monday, September 20, 2010

Photos from the Field

(Above: "Hello. Rusty!" Oh what a glorious piece of rusty “junk”. Nearly complete this is what serves as a lawn ornament for some people in Colorado.)

Summer was barely a whisper and now the cold crisp bite of fall is slowly seeping in. Leaves are turning, fading and falling the forest floor. For so many creatures this is the most important time. Whether this is a time to feast, a time to fatten or a time to breed (possibly all of the above), fall is the stage before winter and winter can be the ultimate test. Throughout my outdoor travels I take photos that don’t seem to fit into various fish posts or get left behind for some reason. “Photos from the Field” is an excerpt meant to capture these pictures and add a little variety on my fishing blogilicious.

Bad Boys of Cripple Creek
(Above: They might have taken this sign down many years ago had it not served so well as fence posts. My guess these guys are still in business or locked up in the local pokey.)

Another Cripple Creek sign…

(Above: Bonafide street sign for a person in Cripple Creek that has seven or eight mules running around the front lawn. Or maybe this is just a metaphor of sorts.)

Sun Rocks

If you fish lakes with fluctuating water levels you might have come across “Sun Rocks”. These rocks will come out and sun themselves when the water level drops and then go back into the water when the water levels rise again. Sun rocks use very little oxygen, none at all in fact, so breathing in and out of the water is never a problem for them.

(Above: Small herd of sun rocks grabbing a good soak of sunshine by the shoreline. They don’t spook easily. In fact these sun rocks didn’t pay much attention to me at all.)

Stoopid train

This is the train that I waited for about thirty or so excruciating minutes while fishing on the Clear Creek run up Georgetown. All I wanted was a picture of the train going over the bridge. Instead the conductor kept blowing the missile a mile away at the loading station every few minutes to make me think he was on his way. So then I walk half a mile up to the station and the train starts rolling. Five minutes after that the darn thing is rolling over the bridge and I’m not there to take the shot.

(Above: Picture of said train as it rolls through the mountains. In the background you can see some of the pine trees that have been killed from the devastating affects of the pine beetle.)

Empire of Wood – “Jus werkin’ wit wut I got”.

Near the town of Granby there resides what may be one of the most serious wood dealers you will find. The guy has gone so far as to fence himself in with wood and nearly completed a tower of sorts. This person has created an entire empire, a castle if you will, from something they have a lot of. Achieving personal dreams through creative means and simply using a common resource all around them.

(Above: Through the window shot on the way through Granby. The top blue sign says “High Roller”, bottom blue sign says; “Easy Money”. This person is living their dream mostly on their terms and feasting on life’s simple pleasures. )

So many of my fishing adventures and photos don’t make it to my fishing blogs for whatever reason. Photos from the Field is intended to give some of those interesting pictures a spotlight outside of the shameless fish bragging. Once again, I want to thank everyone that views my fishing blog material and puts up with my comments on their blog. You have no idea how much it truly means to me have you following, reading and commenting. Thank you.

Good luck and Good Fishing.


The Sowbug said...

So funny to see that others enjoy the same roadside attractions I do.
Cripple Creek and Tabertrash...

Coloradocasters said...

@Sowbug: I really enjoyed your Cripple Creek photo tour. I go up near Florisant (just a few miles down the way) to watch the sun rock migration spring and fall.

Thank you for stopping by.

SweetiePea said...

I'm so glad I can live vicariously through your adventures. These are great shots.... and I've been on that train. :-D

Anonymous said...

Some interesting stuff here, Matt. Enjoyed the picture trail in your area. There is the saying that "Every Picture Tells A Story".