Friday, July 30, 2010

Power to the frog!

(Above: Frog eating bucket pulled out of some serious slop. When the water gets super thick like this, I say…Power to the Frog!)

It would be terrible to go through summer without releasing a post acknowledging the power of the frog. At certain times of the year one lure type can outshine the next. The frog is a lure that can prove to be invincible in summertime conditions where algae and moss take over. This water type resembles that of the southern and eastern regions of the United Stated and largemouth bass adapt very well. They adapt almost as well as various species of frogs and toads that dwell in these muck-ridden waters.

Most plastic frog lures are weedless and even float. The Pro Tournament style frogs hop right over the worst “gunk” and entice fish to leap right through to take a swipe. Topwater action is some of the most exciting in regards to bass fishing as you see the fish explode on the lure. You watch the bite happen and it adds a layer of thrill.

Below is the frog pattern that is one of my favorites. This is a Snag Proof-Pro Tournament Frog in Firetiger pattern which is my preference along with the green pattern second and then black or brown third depending on what forage source is primary. Typically they are found in 1/4oz or 1/2oz sizes. I use both depending on the situation but the 1/4oz frog tends to land more strikes for me. The 1/2oz is shown with a fish in the photo above.

The technique is what you would imagine from this froggy-type lure. Toss it out towards moss or plant structure and retrieve using short hopping or swimming motions until a fish strikes. Patience on the hookset is a primary factor as anglers want to hammer down the hookset when they first see the fish pop out of the water. The frog is one bait that you have to hold your breath for a good solid “One Mississippi” before setting the hook while the fish gets a good mouth-hold around the bait.

Drawbacks to the frog are missed strikes. The floating body hides the hook points causing the fish to slip off the hookset more often than any other lure type that I have come across. The skirted tails are so enticing that fish will often grab those and miss the hooks. I have experimented with trimming the tails a bit as well as trying to soften up the body with my fingers a bit before casting but with no added results. Once again, patience helps greatly.

When water gets super sloppy from filamentous algae the conditions set the table for one lure in particular…Power to the Frog!!!

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never heard of these frog lures before! Sounds fun!

Bill Trussell said...

Fishing with the frog has got to be one of the most heart pounding experiences that I have ever had when I bass fished on a regular basis. I even won our local tournament one year with the frog alone. I still love to fish them and get that high. Great Post. Thanks for sharing.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I can count all that I am learning from you about fishing this summer in my ongoing quest for lifelong education. One never knows where that learning is going to come from, and it's definitely not all in books. Who knew you could fish with plastic frogs? Well, fishermen-type people obviously do, but I didn't. So there - my education for the day!

Shoreman said...

Hey Matt. You should talk to Mislan over at Dark Art Caster. He knows Frogs. Uses them for Snakehead.

Bigerrfish said...

makes me a little "Jumpy"

Mike Tobin said...

All hail the frog!! It seems this time of year, the more muck, the better....mightily impressed with your incredible largmouth a few post previous..I have linked your blog to my blog, by the way :)

fish ON!


Anonymous said...

Matt, I just returned from a kayak tour of Lake Coeur d'Alene. The guide also takes people on fishing tours. When we passed through a portion of the lake that's green and marshy this time of year, I told him about fishing with a frog lure. He was very impressed! :)

troutrageous1 said...

Love sum frogs. Used to fish scum frogs all the time. Haven't picked one up in probably 3 years. Need to fix that.

amir said...

One of the most powerful lure..