Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photos from the field

The heat of summer is setting in and it seems like spring was barely a whisper this year. We had a few blissful days in between the blizzard season and the 90-degree days of July. As the seasons change so does the landscape. So many of my photos don’t make it to my fishing posts. For that reason “Photos from the field” was created.

Bad Luck-Big Wheel Breakdown

Some of the places I fish are rural, secluded and otherwise out in the middle of nowhere. Driving to these locations can be half the adventure. One early morning I come across this sight. Looks like little Johnny broke down on the big wheel and had to shoe-leather express it the rest of the way to the bus stop (or it may have just been a piece of junk that fell off of someone’s truck.)

(Above: Broken down big wheel with the sign for the school bus stop in the background. This photo op reminded me of all the times I missed the school bus as a kid.)

Make a wish…make it big.

(Above: Yellow Salsify in seeding mode. This is like the dandelion you blew out as a kid except this one is nearly six inches in diameter. I guess this is for big wishes, right?)

So many shades of Nature…

There are so many shades to nature’s tapestry of colors and each one is just as surprising as the next. The transition from spring to summer this year on the tapestry scale has gone from white to an explosion of green.

Yellow sweet clover has taken over sections of the Front Range this year blending bright yellow patches with the darker green grasses that are now starting to seed. This is a huge color contrast to the same area that was filled with wild sunflower last year. Nature is sort of my own personal reality TV Show that rarely offers reruns.

(Above: Nearly a full blanket of yellow skirting a body of water that does not allow any fishing whatsoever. A pretty sight mixed with a bit of forbidden desire. Many of my water-scouting missions end this way.)

(Above: Close up shot of sweet color with yellow blossoms. This stuff can create a sea of yellow, white and even purple –more the alfalfa clover variety. Nutritious forage for livestock and wild game as well as a strong source of nectar for honey bees.)

(Above: Now this may seem a bit gratuitous on the yellow sweet clover pictures but I just can’t help myself. Last year this exact same field was populated with wild sunflower. The year before that it was something else. Nature has a way of rotating her own crops. #$$%^&* amazing!)

Terrain may vary

There are many types of terrain that must be traversed in life and some more formidable than others. There is this place called “The City” and it is a jungle of steel, glass and concrete. This place has many wonders and can have the same awe-inspiring affect to some people as if they were taking their first step into the Amazon. The city can be a wonderful place but I still consider it “formidable terrain” for many reasons.

(Above: Downtown Denver heading south looking at a shimmering tower of steel and glass. This jungle is not without it’s magic but there is very little fishing.)

The one that got away…

Late afternoon and I had face hours of blazing hot sun one minute and then heavy rain the next. Me and the tooner even took some light hail. I was soaked, sweating and all around miserable by the time I reached the truck. The wet clothes were stripped off and I was driving home in my boxer shorts. That’s right. Too #$%% lazy to put on the extra pair of clothes that were sitting in the pack next to me. Too busy thinking about beer.

Realize that whenever my focus slips or I take shortcuts a price is usually paid for that short sightedness at some point. This would be no exception. The rural farm road was soaked and bore little traffic. On the side of the road I pass by what seems to be a large hat. Out of the corner of my eye I see that it is a large painted turtle trying to cross the road.

“That thing is huge!” I exclaim racing the truck to a spot where I could turn around. “I gotta get a picture! And then help it cross the road.”

Realizing that I am less than properly dressed and not wanting to shock\frighten\completely gross out my two or three readers with shots of me holding the painting turtle in my boxers…I chose to take an extra 5 minutes and put some clothes on. That 5 minutes cost me the shot. Some do-gooder bicyclist stops and ushers the turtle back into the tall grasses where it came.

No Picture-FAIL!

“Sonofa!” I exclaim putting my arm through the last sleeve. “That would have been the biggest painted turtle I have ever caught.”

The guy didn’t realize that the turtle was most likely trying to get across the street to the private farm pond on the other side. There she could lay her eggs in relative piece and not deal with the high level of angling traffic that lies across the road. Nothing left to do but turn back around and head home.

Thanks for putting up with these additional excerpts now and then. Just trying to mix things up in between my shameless bragging.

Good luck and good fishing.


Shoreman said...

Nice tour. I've forgotten about the Dandelion wish. It's been a while. Sorry you didn't get the turtle shot, but personally it would have been better with clothes on. Better to have the turtle safe, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the sights of the season in your area. Always look forward to posts with photos. Never get tired of looking at pictures.

Little Messy Missy said...

Beautiful pics! I had a pink big wheels growing up....

Bill said...

Beautiful pics! I usually have the same results whenever I try to take shortcuts too. You'd think a guy would learn after a while but it just doesn't seem to happen for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of the Big Wheel. I was always a little envious of the boys in my neighborhood. I liked my barbies and my pink bicycle with the flowers on the basket, but the kid who lived across the street had Stretch Armstrong, Slime, and a Big Wheel!The turtle underwear shot would have been hilarious! Beautiful photography and writing, by the way.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I, too, love the Bigwheels pic with the school sign in the background. It reminds me of the pictures I give my kids at school sometimes, and tell them they have to make up the story to go with the picture. I might have to show them this one!
I also love the dandelion one, but my favorite is the clover with the mountains in the background. That is just beautiful. And I TOTALLY think we could have stood to see a pair of boxers to get a good close up look at a huge painted turtle. No good deed goes unpunished, you know!
Your photography skills and storytelling abilities do not lag far behind your fishing ability, apparently! A man of many talents!

SweetiePea said...

Gorgeous Shots, Great stories (the fictional and non-fictional). I like it when you mix things up.

troutrageous1 said...

Love the pics. Hope the big wheel was the kind with the emergency brake that induced spin-outs.

BeMistified said...

Maybe it is a good thing you were not able to take the turtle picture in your boxers. Turtles are known to bite :P

truewonder said...

Sweetie Pea is right, the mix up is a fine cocktail when your boxers, box turtles and bikers are involved. It's riveting in a redneck way...(i mean that as a great compliment) and the fact that you named your boat, amen brother- you're a member of the country club. Though also very kind saying good things about cities- and feeling taken back by sign stealers on my end. Thank you much, getting over it but still want to bloody someone's nose. Keep up the great and fun articles, you're a peach.
Take care-