Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lil Brookie Fix

(Above: Don with a nice brook on the fly. Look at the effortless cradle on this fish as it lies there in his wet hands.)

Finally getting on top of the workload at the J.O.B. after my FISHmas vacation and the second wave hits. Taking extra time off has been on the clamp down. This puts a damper on my longer trips and slowing down some of my high country planning. Not being able to sink my teeth into a nice 3-Day mountain romp, I settled for a quick little brookie bash with a one-hour drive one-way.

It may sound silly but I start to miss certain types of fish after a while and brookies are one of those species mainly for the bright orange fins with that highly defined white stripe. The spattering of colorful dots and wavy lines on the top of the fish make it visually spectacular. Landing a few decent brooks allows me to check another fabulous fish species off of my list for 2010.

(Above: Almost too close close up. The fish hold is not as eloquent as Don’s but I try.)

Now for the rest of the story…

There are two types of brookies in my view; big and small. 90% of what is available in a handful of spots are brook trout in the 6-8” range. 12’s are sweet and anything over that is pretty fantastic. That top 10% of brookies can range from 13 to 18” and difficult to catch unless your timing is spot on. My watch was set to warmwater fishing so I missed the prime time here in lieu of other catches. We all have to live with the choices we make.

Another choice I made this day was to focus exclusively with the spin gear in hopes for the largest fish. Don brought both and as soon as we looked at the water I heard myself telling Don, “Dude, you are going to light them up.”

After about an hour or less of plinking through the fly box…that is exactly what happened. Don fell into a groove and he was hitting fish right and left. His fish hit count went out the window while I was plinking off fish here and there. I tend to be brutally honest on my blogilicious and not ashamed at all to say Don made the numbers game look damn good as opposed to my “big fish only” setup. In the process I picked up another hot pattern in an area that can be finicky at times. My only regret is not taking more scenic shots for this post as well as not hooking into one of those 18’er brookie brutes.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Bill said...

Brookies are beautiful aren't they? Lots of times I carry both the spinning rod and fly rod when I fish for them. It's a pain in the butt but I guess I'm prepared for anything.

Bigerrfish said...

Don will get the odds on his side with the numbers, and the big ones will come with those odds.. You even called it a gamble when you the goal is one.

Does Don have a blog?

by the way, I'm sorry about the blog roll deal, I dont know what happened, I think it got mad that you havent went through your email. and tried the creek, then again you would have to say something in your post about the ass-hole who wants to help you out. If your would have done what I said, you would have beat Dons ass.

NIK said...

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Don said...

Very nice Matt...glad we were able to put some fish on the line that day!

Biggerfish, no I do not have a blog. I leave that creative writing to Matt, he has a way with putting together a great story. As far as beating my Ass..well I dont own any donkeys but know a few Jack Asses that I would like to beat!

Coloradocasters said...

It is something to behold when Don finds the fishing groove. I have seen him rip fish off darn near every cast on more than one occasion. Other times he has had to watch me doing the same thing. That is part of the magic as one of us WILL dial in the hot pattern.

Had I landed one of the brutes, this post may have been written a bit different. “Close” is still “no cigar” and I refuse to cry over lost fish. Next time…next time I will land the brookie brute on my hot brook spin pattern or the new fly Don dialed in.

“Does Don blog?”

Don shares very little with co-workers, associates and has no desire to spoon feed the masses fishing tidbits as I do on my blogilicious. He even butts heads with me over certain photos, videos and tactics released as well. In fact, Don hasn’t said much to me after the Stalker post. He wasn’t thrilled with this article release to be quite honest. His exact words were something like, “Nobody pays you for this stuff…I’ll never understand why you post as much as you do…let them get their own #$%^ fishing spots.”

This lil brookie trip was just another warm up to tide me over until I can sink my teeth into some real trout water. I am already missing prime time on a lot of fishing spots….gotta get out there!

Coloradocasters said...

Bigerrfish said: "by the way, I'm sorry about the blog roll deal, I dont know what happened, I think it got mad that you havent went through your email."

Dude! I am still not on your blog roll. Are you still mad? (Sigh) Ok, I'll go catch some more trout then. Take care.