Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The MaD Fishing Show – Highlights 2010

The MaD Fishing Show – Highlights 2010

Fishing exploits of The MaD Fishing Show have been great and hopefully worth the wait. Some of this material has been put together in a video montage of sorts and submitted for you viewing. Give it a look and leave a few rates and comments when you get bored.

The video footage takes me a while to put together so clips taken back in February and April are just now making it into the montages. This time I went with an unofficial sponsor as opposed to the spoof sponsor for a more professional intro. I like the product title and love the salsa.

(Above: Here’s a shot of the logo from the bottle of salsa that I bought at a farmer’s market. Look for this stuff at your local Whole Foods store as well as checking out their website at http://whitegirlsalsa.com/.)

There are two video formats that I use for these montages. Still Fishing is meant to capture my solo exploits as where The MAD Fishing Show spotlights the adventures taken with Don. The word “MAD” comes from Matt and Don…not because we look angry most of the time or absolutely insane when it comes to fishing. Ha ha.

Honestly it helps Don share in my shameless bragging and bribe him to take time away from the wife. Then him and I take his GMC to hell and back. This montage took a while to make so comments and rates are greatly appreciated.

Good luck and good fishing.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome stuff. Very well put together. And the year's only 1/2 over so hopefully we'll see more from 2010 very soon.

MKG said...

Great Footage! Can't wait for the mega buckets coming attractions. That is one massive LMB, and the crapppie isn't too shabby either.

Coloradocasters said...

Grrr at blogspot. I lost a few comments on this post due to their "glitch". If I lost anyone's comments, please accept my apologies. I won't grovel for your pity or your additional comments. I bet they don't have these issues over at Wordpress!!! (Inside joke between me and the English Professor).

Comments from the "anonymous" crowd are always welcome. I often wonder how many people stumble here and not say anything. Thank you for the kind words.

MKG...I could only hope to see half the trails you trek. Even that would be a wild boast. See? I do catch a decent fish once in a while. =)

Don said...

Good Work man...cant wait to see MEGA BUCKETS!!

Matt Millner said...

Hey man great blog, Ive thouroughly enjoyed it, keep up the good work!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Thanks for the prompt, I've added you to my blog roll. Long over due.