Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trout on the T

Decided to try some water around RMNP on Saturday. There is a stretch of water that runs down Hwy 34 from Estes. I used to fish this slip of water when I lived in Loveland. This “river” is not considered trophy fishing by any means but it brought back memories slinging the spin gear once again through the smaller pockets of water studded with rocks and pine trees.

(Open water for the first few miles provide several fishing holes like this.)

The river is open at the spillway and a few miles down. Things start getting ice-choked from there. I had to drive and fish little pockets here and there all the way to Drake. And that was my goal for the day, just get reacquainted with the place.

(Some areas are still ice-locked with one or two pools of open water.)

Fishing pressure can be steady on weekends and the fly guys arewere in good numbers by noon. Everyone was concentrated on the best waters and it looked the fish were beaten or wary by 3PM.

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