Monday, March 23, 2009

Catfish Battle March 2009

As soon as I felt the thump on my jig and grub combo…I knew I was in for a fight. Ever hook into one of those fish that refuses to budge? My 6lb copolymer can handle quite a bit for a measly 6lb line but when you hook into something over 10lbs in weight all you can do is set the drag loose and go to work.

Crank, lift and pull before lowering the rod slowly while reeling and then crank some more. No slack! (Never give a fish slack. Let the drag be your grace). As soon as I would get him close to the pontooner, the fish would explode with a burst of energy and take off again. I must have brought Mr. Kitty to the boat seven or eight times before we made eye contact…then a few more times after that. The fish was heavy and used every ounce of its weight in the battle. This thing would hold its ground by sheer dead weight and then employ the fin muscle at the last minute.

So many things could have gone wrong and usually do when I get into the best fish of the day. How many fishing stories end with “Oh you should have seen the one I almost had…” Not this day my friends. Like a Colorado Avalanche hockey win; It usually aint pretty but sweet nonetheless, big catfish are the same way for me. Not exactly what I was gunning for but pretty darn cool when I land them.

If I catch anything bigger than this it will probably pull me right off the darn boat!!!

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