Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow bass 2009!

Today was perfect snow bass weather. You know…where the water is above 50 degrees but you have a blizzard outside. Too bad I had to work. Drove all the way in through the morning mess to have them shut the place down an hour later. The drive back was even worse. Total carnage on Wadsworth.

Battled my way through the pile up and over to a local fishing hole. Then some walking in knee-deep snow to the structure. A few casts and Wham!!! It was a beauty fish. Landed it as quickly as possible, spent a few seconds with the shameless photo op and then release.

Gear for snow bass is the same as regular bass. Most of the time you just have to work it a little slower. Here is a video of the fish as well. Sometimes video can show more than a picture so I got a quick clip of some blizzard bassing.

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