Monday, March 2, 2009

First bass of 2009...small

(Solo-shot from the pontooner and knew camera...still working on gear options for 2009)

Small-iEEEE that is. I couldn't help but put that title up there as I was absolutely stoked when I saw this fish coming in. As soon as I saw the bronze color instead of the green flashes on Saturday morning, I knew it was a bronzeback instead of a bucketmouth.

I found fish by targetting the warmer portions of the lake. Structure with good exposure to sun and access to deep water is key. The black and blue jig was the only presentation that got any love whatsoever and I pretty much threw every slow presentation that I had. I picked up a bucketmouth as well. This guy was in the same area as the smallmouth and hit the same jig. The rest of the day...nothing.

All morning I kept asking "Where the heck is this fantastic weather we were supposed to be having?" It wasn't until the pontooner was pulled off the lake, broken down and stowed before the sun finally broke free of the clouds and warmer temperatures surrounded me.

"Aint that the way it always goes?" I laughed rolling on home

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