Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wyoming and the God of Wind

[late post material-Late April 2008]

It seemed like every time that I stepped outside this season to fish in Colorado the wind would pound on me like a big willowy hammer. Taunting me and torturing me, the wind would block my casts as well as destroy my aim. Distance was tough and accuracy was even tougher. If I moved to one side of the lake, it moved with me. It seemed relentless and with only an hour or two in the morning with glassy waters, it was hurting my desire to fish. If I looked out the window and saw any wind at all, my thoughts went to chores rather than fishing.

“Snap out of this funk!” I slapped myself. “We don’t have to fear the wind…embrace the wind…it can be your friend.” The words fell on my ears and onto the floor. “Wind?…ugh! No thanks.”

So when Don offered me a spot in the GMC for a Wyoming-Miracle Mile run…well I pondered it for a moment and thought to myself, “Now there is some real wind. Maybe that is exactly what I need right now…Extreme Wind!” I gave the nod and before I knew it, gear was loaded and we were on our way. For those of you that have never experienced Wyoming in the spring, understand that this place is wrought with constant gusting winds of 30 to 40mph on a calm day. Some parts of the state are better than others but Laramie to Casper can get windblown pretty badly.

We fished the canyon from where you can legally enter upstream and moved down to various holes. We caught fish but at 1200cfs we were lucky to get what we got. These fish see a lot of pressure so showboating for pictures was not allowed unless someone got into a monster (for this area +5lb trout is what we are gunning for)…My biggest was a little over 20”…this shot will have to do.

The real story was having to face the unrelenting wind all day, every cast from the moment you open the truck door to the time you get back in. Wind so strong that you stand at an angle and almost fall over when the wind changes direction. I found myself timing the gusts as it couldn’t hold that 70mph rate all the time. It would bluster and backfeed on itself creating little gaps you can cast through. Once you let go it was a battle of current. It was by far the toughest wind that I have ever had to face and it made me truly appreciate the weather I have here in Colorado even if it is only slightly different than Wyoming compared by most standards. But now I can face any amount of Colorado wind and still feel like I can fish through it.

“I have faced the God of Wind and it lives in Wyoming.” I said later casting through what felt like a subtle afternoon Colorado breeze. “This is soooo fishable.”

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