Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still Fishing and The MAD Fishing Show

After watching some of the fishing shows on cable TV, Don and I thought,”Man, we could do this.” So we started accumulating pictures and video footages of our trips and putting them into full feature episodes. Nothing too serious but another medium to share fishing exploits. They both will have the same look and feel for the most part but there is a difference between the two formats.

“Still Fishing” will be the solo trips and property of ColoradoCasters. Some of my solo adventures are pretty entertaining and I am only limited by the fact its just me with one camera. I tend to push the limit a bit in regards to spoof sponsors on some of these but its all part of the fun.

For the currently released “Still Fishing” episodes, click on the links below.

“The MAD Fishing Show” will be with Don, occasionally special guests and myself. The MAD Show has tested better in focus groups and the two person dynamic is much more entertaining than just me all smackity smackity. MAD stands for Matt And Don…too clever. The MAD Fishing Show is property of the MAD Fishing Show by the way.

For the currently released “The MAD Fishing Show” episodes, click on the links below.

Eventually, we hope to grow these into a more professional format with actual sponsors and some really cool guests. We are looking for camera assistance and other technical support so if you want to be involved, shoot us an e-mail with your desires and qualifications.

If you are a professional guide, outfitter, fishing resort owner or otherwise fishing entrepreneur, we would love to hear from you. Let’s sit down and talk about getting your name on youtube via Still Fishing or The MAD Fishing Show. We are not looking for financial support necessarily as much as we are trading what we do for what you can share. Knowledge, fishing access, discounts, supplies, or even trading services are just some of the possibilities. As we grow in popularity, and we will, you will gain more visibility on one of the fastest growing platforms today (youtube/interent).

Feel free to repost these youtube links on the forums or fishing websites if they allow it. We could really use the extra support as well as any feedback you can provide. If you are a subscriber to youtube, please favorite our videos as well as rate and leave comments.

More episodes are on the way so stay tuned!!!

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