Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well lookey there…Almost Famous

Bluecollarguy posted a comment on my cleanup post stating that I was on the State Parks website. At first I thought he was thinking of a picture I sent in a long time ago and a webpage that was buried deep in the archives section collecting dust. Only a waterhound would ever find that picture now. “Man he must have been really digging.” I laughed reading the comment. Then I go to the site to try and dig up some info myself (still researching budget info for a crisp reply on that ‘hug an angler’ post a while back) and wham, there it is…my ugly mug in a hat that everyone told me not to wear.

No mention of my name, my blog or any kudos to the Mattsabasser. Thankfully they didn’t bring up my terrible slump of all slumps I am having this year. But I have to admit that it is really nice getting any sort of publicity or acknowledgement.

A complete stranger took this photo after I wrestled with a strudy-girdy bass topping the scales at 4.8lbs. This was the fish that made me want to stop weighing fish altogether. It is just too damn disappointing. The camera took a 3.5mb diskette. Remember those? We are talking circa 2004-2005 here.

A warm thank you goes out to the folks at Colorado Parks and Wildlife for running the photo again. Maybe I should send one in with a different hat. A Mattsabasser is only as good as his next fish so I better get after it.

Good luck and good fishing


TexWisGirl said...

too funny. you're just gonna keep getting recycled, i guess!

Shoreman said...

A star is born.


Steve Zakur said...

Nice! Yeah the hat could be better but I suppose being nearly famous is a step better then infamous.

Howard Levett said...

Well, even bad publicity is better than none, right?