Monday, May 21, 2012

Case of the Mondays? Weekend Outlook from ColoradoCasters

Back at work and you wish the weekend would have lasted forever. Mondays are often met with fatigue and loathing of the weekly tasks ahead. One thing that often boosts my spirits Monday morning is the planning of another fish trip.

The Memorial Day Weekend is upon us

The first 3-day weekend of the season is quickly approaching. Memorial Day Weekend is typically the summer kickoff and the metro masses rush for the outdoors. Public water will take a serious pounding this weekend as weather looks ideal. The cold front we experienced this weekend is rolling on and a high pressure system is rolling in. Expect increased traffic and crowds at most public venues. If you can get out early…do so.
Hopefully your plans are already well under way and your destination will come with some sort of solitude. I typically like to throw out a few pointers for these 3-Day holidays to help folks avoid potential problems as well as milk a well timed filler post.

1. Allow extra time for driving: Roads and community areas will have an increased flow of people this weekend. They have exactly the same plan as you, get out of town. You can avoid a lot of this madness simply by getting an early start. Hit the roads or that public gathering a little early and you will eliminate a lot of the hassle.

2. Be courteous-avoid hostile situations: It happens every 3-Day weekend where someone gets careless or out of control and someone pays the price. Elbow tipping and alcohol consumption will be at record levels which removes a lot of common sense from the situation overall. Being courteous and allowing a little indiscretion now and then can go a long ways in regards to keeping things from blowing up into a knock down drag out like we had last time.

3. Start checklist now and review checklist before leaving: Make a list and run down everything you might need. Before heading out, give the checklist a review. It sounds simple but one of my pet peeves is when I go camping and someone says, “Oh did you remember the…” 

4. Plan your trip and activities beforehand: A lot of people have no plans for Memorial Day but will try to wing something at the last minute. This almost never goes well and everyone ends up disappointed or frustrated. Planning now will make things smoother come this weekend.

5. Have a backup plan: many times I plan a trip only to see the destination blown out for one reason or the other. Having a Plan B within close proximity can make all the difference in a rebound situation. Pick a lesser known, lower expectations destination for a Plan B.

If you have a crazy or hilarious Memorial Day story, feel free to submit it to me via e-mail at and I will do my best to run it on the blogilicious. Mattsabasser and ColoradoCasters (really it’s just one guy behind the curtain) wants to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Good luck and good fishing.

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Howard Levett said...

Good common sense suggestions. I can't wait to get out!