Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trout scout

After months of waiting the orange badge showed up on my desk. After some brief discussion about how to get there and where to park it was set to finally fish here. This was a place that I had tracked for a while, given up on and then eventually it fell right in my lap after making a connection at work…and then waiting nearly four months.

With cautious jubilance I get in the truck and make the run. Finding the place was easy, as I had scouted this once before. Barrel roll through the short park and walk to finally reach the first lake. Decent size but relatively shallow. Houses are set off in the distance and fairly secluded so you still have that mountain isolation feel when making the shoreline tour.

The lake was wide open, no ice or snow visible. This is about 9K feet elevation and often sports some ice or at least a crusty iceberg on one side. It is a little unnerving to see this small lake so low at this juncture. Hanging by a thread it could be reduced to nothing if the county decides to tap it out.

Caught one small stocker bow and saw a few larger fish that didn’t want to take a swipe at what I was throwing. The fish in shallow water were easily spooked and most would not let me get a cast to them with the fly rod (I tried anyway). My other option was to work the distance on the spin action and I picked up this bow using a silver\blue spinbug pattern.

All in all it was good to look at the place and resolve some of my curiosity. A lot was learned and expectations can now be accurately set for future trips. Sometimes the research pays off. My waterhounding continues on.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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Shoreman said...

Got to love those high mountain lakes.