Monday, April 4, 2011

Underwater craw footage

Late March I am out on the Q and getting my clocked clean by wind and anyone with a trolling motor. Water levels are very low which has caused some of the deeper structure points to be exposed. A few large crawdads were posturing for position on a small island hovering below a few inches of water. One of the crawdads had lost a claw as well as a few legs on the same side. Still determined this crayfish was looking to face off with other mini-lobsters on the island shelf.

Winds were gusting over 30mph at times making filming very difficult. I also have to remind myself that this camera magnifies so my subject appears a lot closer than it looks when filming. I will really have to work harder on my video footage this year.

Good luck and good fishing.


Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Great. I know what MY nightmares will involve tonight. Thanks, Matt.

Cofisher said...

I'll second that DHMC! Very cool video though.

Coloradocasters said...

I never thought of that and to think there are even crazier looking creatures in these same ponds or lakes. Really I was trying to make the best out of a no fish day. The footage could have been so much better. As soon as I would get into position a huge gust would come and skip my 15lb anchor like it was nothing. There were a few of these “Frank-n-craws” there on the shelf but this one was the largest. Kinda cool to see them running around even if working things missing a few digits. Your comments are like pure gold. Pure gold I tell ya.

Shoreman said...

He is a "crusty" looking crawdad. Although, he did stay put for the most part, when he got his 36 seconds of fame. The ones I've come across usually jet when you get within five feet of them.