Saturday, April 16, 2011

Amazing snakehead from Singapore-Anglers Outfitter

When it comes to apex predator fish the snakehead has created a lot of mystery and even terror in some regions. Here in North America the snakehead can be an absolute menace and displace or even wipe out native species. However there are regions where the snakehead is revered as a trophy fish of magnificent proportions.

Alvin Lim has captured some of the most amazing specimens of this species that I have ever seen which adds to my respect and awe. Generally the snakehead I have seen (on the Internet or TV of course) have been dark with no markings whatsoever. These examples are superb. I highly recommend checking these guys out.

Anglers Outfitter is a blog that I have followed for a while now and they constantly crank out pictures of some of the most exotic fish from their region and beyond.

I will toss out a few Wiki leaks for additional reference (really I am just being lazy).

Good luck and good fishing.


Shoreman said...

You should zip over to Mizlan's blog for a Snakehead look. He's an amateur (by his own admittance)Snakehead hunter. Here's the link.


Anonymous said...

Dang, that is a donkey of a snakehead! Holy smokes!


Cofisher said...

Very Interesting. I'll pass on being a snakehead hunter

Autumnforest said...

That is sooo gorgeous!

John said...

A trophy species for sure, but I'll satisfy myself with a worthy,local quarry; bowfin.