Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photos from the field

Through my adventures photos are taken that never seem to make it into specific fish posts. To be honest, a lot of my fishing goes unseen or heard. Even though these pictures may not be ready for prime time fishing posts, I have found a way to fit them in an excerpt called “Photos from the field.”

Mushroom in the Mist

(Above: Mushrooms can be found all over Colorado and I wish that I would spend more time learning about all the different varieties both edible and non-edible. My plant identification skills are getting better but still terrible. However, I am pretty sure this one is inedible save for wood ants, beavers and a few termites.)

Frost Corner

(Above: Frosty weather can set in quickly overnight and leave a landscape of white for the morning creek commutes. Most of the road is good but slow down before you hit Frost Corner.)

Tracks of Godzilla?

(Above: I am the first to admit that I may suffer from an overactive imagination but this is not a typical animal track or bridge marking. Either some tagger decided to bring a sledgehammer rather than a few cans of spray paint or something really big has marked their territory.)

It only takes a few flakes…

(Above: Colorado will get one or two snowfalls through April yet for some reason people are still caught off guard by these spring storms. It only takes a few flakes to mess up a smooth ride and you see wreck after wreck.)

…and sometimes not even that.

(Above: Quick side window shot of one of those people that try to defy common sense and drive way too fast for the conditions. The roads were wet in spots and icy in other spots. Not the best day to be playing speed racer on the side roads.)

April has been mild in regards to weather except for the relentless wind. Still prepared for that one big snow dump we receive around this time of year. We could really use the extra moisture here on this side of the divide. As always this blog is fueled by your support. Thank you so much for your views, comments and rates.

Good luck and good fishing.


Shoreman said...

It never ceases to amaze me the idiots that drive into snow conditions, even after the weather person on every channel has been telling you that the conditions are going to be bad. The common response of those people is they didn't think it was going to be "this" bad. I just don't get it.


troutrageous1 said...

DOH! Hope that last person was okay. Great pics. I think idiots are everywhere when it comes to driving in the snow.

Cofisher said...

We love our idiots in Colorado, especially the ones from...well never mind.