Friday, January 21, 2011

Photos from the Field

December started off so mild. It looked as if we were in for another drought period low water conditions to follow. Then came January and the blizzard conditions followed right along with it. Fishing in Colorado can be painful at times and pure bliss at others. Weather is a primary factor in regards to level of comfort when fishing. The transition happens very quickly and the differences can be like night and day or more importantly, tropical versus arctic.

Home on the Range

 (Above: Bison being completely “spoiled” on the Colorado landscape. Wild grasses and all the hay they can eat. There is even a pond for drinking. But even with a few hundred acres I think these native beasts still feel a bit cramped.)

Always someone more hardcore

(Above: Here is a guy that makes my cold weather excursions look like field trips from the kindergarten class. The crazy part is that I usually see him only on the worst cold weather days. Maybe on the sunny days he drives a convertible. For continuing to battle the worst blizzard days on the two-wheel scene…this hardcore award is for you.)

Snowball Range
(Above: To most folks this probably looks like a golf course. On the other hand I think it would make a fine snowball range for that youngster snowball thrower really looking to set the bar for him or her. Plenty of ammo to work with and none of those darn…what do you call them? Golfers? I call them people with metal clubs that don’t like anglers trespassing to their ponds.)

Cold White on Majestic Blue
(Above: A few hundred years ago Lewis and Clark reached a spot similar to this and exclaimed, “Sonofa!!!…These &#$%^ mountains @#$% go on forever!!!” (sigh) I kinda wish the whole planet were covered with this stuff.)

So much of my fishing and outdoors adventures don’t make it into the blog posts for whatever reason. A few of these shots are amazing enough even if not ready for the prime time fishing posts. For that reason I have created this excerpt called Photos from the Field. Thank you so much for your views, comments and rates. It truly means a lot to me.

Good luck and good fishing.


Gary Thompson said...

Come on Spring! We still have a few months before the earth tilts. I'm resolved to hit the tying bench I guess.

sage said...

Biking in the snow--that is hardcore. It's cold here now, but folks are ice fishing!

The Fancy Teacup said...

Such a funny post. Bison is my favorite animal (not to eat, but you know, my favorite animal) believe it or not. I just think the bison is such a neat animal. And your hardcore award plus what Lewis and Clark might have said upon their discovery made me laugh.

Bill said...

Great pics and commentary to go along with them. That last one is just awesome! For someone who's never been east of the Mississippi I'd probably say the same thing. lol

Bill said...

Hmmm if I said 'east' of the Mississippi scratch that. Not sure if I did though. LOL Morning coffee hasn't kicked in yet. In any someone who has never been WEST of the Mississippi! Back to your regularly scheduled comments....

Cofisher said...

Nice idea, I know you'll run far with it. I see a couple of guys riding bikes every time we get a good snow. Wonder if they're related?

Coloradocasters said...

Thank you so much for the comments on this one. Photos from the Field has been an ongoing addition to my blogilicious for a while now. This was something I would occasionally post on a fishing forum back in the day and the first one posted on my blog was October 9, 2009. For 2010 I seemed to manage one of these about every month or so.

Clarence Heller said...

Those landscape photos are quite remarkable. Happy fishing to you. I sadly only get to go about once a year.