Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inside Coloradocasters: Meet the Graphics Team

One of the things I have been bragging\complaining a bit too much about lately is my graphics team. It takes a lot of work to keep good blog content flowing and a person may have to wear many hats in the process. Writing and posting the fantastic fishing content is time consuming enough but once in a blue moon the graphics team will come up with something that gives a post that extra punch. Let’s take a moment and finally meet the graphics team of my fishing blogilicious.

Will Shanker: Team Lead

Will is the team lead but spends most of his time on the phone or goofing off. Other than a few clever title headers we don’t get a lot out of him. Will also runs the fantasy football league here at work so we can’t fire him at least until the Superbowl pay out is completed.

Mr. Shanker claims to be quite handy with the ladies and a bit of a player. In truth, if he were a player his game would be called “sorry”. He passed the drug test and doesn’t come to work drunk so we made him team lead (also designated driver for the boss when he calls sometimes on Saturday around 2AM). Thanks for being a team player, Will.

Ben Slakin: Graphics Specialist\Internet Resource Lead

Ben has been here longer than anyone and the only one that knows how to set up our servers to play World Of Warcraft, Halo and that new game they just came out with…you know the one makes your head explode? This makes him nearly irreplaceable even though he sleeps most of the time. Ben is also responsible for the occasional image ripped from a web source for whatever reason. Eventually we will have to let him go for liability purposes. Don’t worry, Ben. We’ll hire you back as a contractor as soon as you fix that little problem with your credit report.

Kenny Hep-yoo: Intern\Contractor
Kenny started out as an intern before we decided to hire him on full time as a low wage contractor. Kenny likes to show up early, stay late and pretty much does everything around here including making the coffee. Vital member of the team but we will probably have to let him go due to budget cuts.

So now you know a little more about Coloradocasters and how it all comes together. I hope you have enjoyed this behind the scenes look and chance to meet the graphics team. This may also help explain why some posts have graphics and why those graphics look really lame at times. As much as I would like to think of Coloradocasters as a fishing club with a very select membership or maybe even an online magazine of sorts…in truth, it really is just one guy behind the curtain pulling the strings. Some of those strings may have snapped oh so long ago.

Good luck and Good Fishing


Cofisher said...

Ha! Nice post there Matt. It's always nice to know who to throw rocks at. Good job as always.

Wolfy said...

Looks like a tightly knit group - of what, I have no idea. I think I need to stay out of Colorado for a while

SweetiePea said...

When you do decide to let Kenny go. Send him my way. I have tons of work to keep him busy. :-D

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Love it. For real.

Anonymous said...

Sure was fun getting to meet all the team members from the office. Looks like a group bent on success, or bent on something else, I am not sure.

Hope they can keep up the work in blogger land.

Anonymous said...

HA! Somehow I just KNEW I'd find Howard here! I can just follow him to the funny stuff. :) That was a great post! If it's ok with you, I'm going to put you on my blogroll. I know my readers will eat this stuff up! I mean, just look at Howard! :) :p