Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring into Prime!

Next week we are looking at prime temperature increase mixed with a full moon on Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday could be the start of some prime time fishing. Just look at this weekly forecast. I dare say this is the best outlook in several months. The fish have been waiting for this just as much as anglers. Water temps will increase and a lot of species will become more active.

The Full Moon appears on Tuesday, which will draw out prime walleye fishing in the evening hours, but my guess is that water temps will reap the full benefit of this warm spurt on Wednesday. The only way to know for sure is to fish every second from Monday to Friday. If not for bills, responsibilities and financial self-preservation I would not show up for work at all this week.

(Above: Modified screen shot from 9News Weather. After back-to-back blizzards last week, this is almost unbelievable.)

If for some reason you have not spooled and re-spooled your reels a hundred times over as I have during this 5 month ice age reoccurrence, you may need to visit your tackle box and do some inventory. If you do have your gear ready and just waiting for an optimum time to start fishing…that time is now.

Disclaimer: This is Colorado afterall and even with 75 degrees forecast on Tuesday, we may see a storm that still brings two or three feet of snow anytime before the end of April.

Good luck and good fishing. Hit the water while the hittin' is good.

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Bigerrfish said...

same here... Toon on!!