Friday, March 26, 2010

Pure Desperation…a deodorant for desperate anglers

My season started out pretty lame this year. A few trips were complete skunkers and once or twice I flirted with death. I started getting concerned that the fish could literally smell my desperation as I approached the water…especially the hard stuff. Hunters use many products that mask their scent in the wild but what about us anglers? What do we use? In attempt to fill the void and help out my fellow angling brethren I introduce “Pure Desperation”, a deodorant for desperate anglers.

No more approaching the water reeking like some hard up-no chance geezer at the singles club. This deodorant may not give you actual results or even a boost of confidence. We do not guarantee that this product will help your fishing results. But when anglers are truly desperate, we will try just about anything.

Desperate anglers, finally there is a deodorant for you!

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