Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photos from the Field

Sluggin’ it out! Mudder ducker! Winter is the season that tests me the most as it does most things. For me this winter has been “Too many ice-holes and not enough fish.” I truly believe that an angler is only as good as their next fish so if I don’t hook into something soon…I may have to start releasing articles like; “How to take your fishing poles for a walk” or “Back when I could actually catch fish.”

But I am still out there putting in the T.O.W. That is something fused to the core of my soul. MUST FISH! So in lieu of actual fish catching posts hopefully my latest submittal of PFF will keep folks mildly entertained.

(Above: This is what 12-foot snowdrifts would look like if we were 72 feet tall. It is just a matter of perspective and scale.)

(Found: One rubber duckie…slightly damaged. Maybe I don’t want to know where this came from.)

They hold duck races on some of your local streams and creeks in Colorado which may lead to some strange findings. Unfortunately they look pretty rough by the time I stumble across them.

(Caution! Fog crossing. This is a slip of fog crossing a road on my way to work. Just the one little section here. Pulled over, got the shot then it faded away. I have never seen a westbound fog in such in a hurry.)

(Above: This is a gratuitous nature shot of geese over Bear Creek Reservoir. I consider myself very blessed to be living where I am on this amazing planet.)

Speaking of Geese…there were more geese that flew over and almost formed a perfect letter M (see below). M stands for Mattsabasser!

Ok so maybe I am having far too much fun with this PFF segment but going to throw another photo in for good measure.

”Two Eagles in rough weather”

Usually eagles will take flight if you get too close so I didn’t push for a closer shot. This looks to be the Colorado version of the two vultures that you see in the cartoon.

“So, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

An angler is only as good as their next fish. At least that is the way I feel about it. Some folks will milk the same photos over and over saying, “Beat this!” or something to that affect. Other bloggers and forum posters that I respect highly post up only the day’s catch…on a continuous basis.

My name is Matt…must fish, must fish…MUST FISH!

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Mel said...

It's been a slow fish catching winter for me also. Enjoyed your photo's. You do live in some beautiful country.