Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don makes the Mepps Catalog for 2010

One guy that has taken the Mepps lure further than anyone else in regards to presentation in a wide range of water and seasons is Don. Most of the time that is what he is throwing for bass and when he finds a groove it is hard to keep up with him in the fish count.

Don has been fishing with the Mepps for years and sends them pictures with endless “Thank You’s” for making such an awesome fish-catching product. For the record Mepps is not a sponsor of my blog or affiliated with The MAD Fishing Show in any way.

(Above: Other than the green sunfish shot, this may in fact be the smallest bass sent to them from Don. Editors…whatcanyoudo?)

I would have chose a different picture but it may have been a simple color\print issue for them. The product shown here is new and not the same type Don uses. But it is still pretty cool to see him finally get some acknowledgement. This guy could literally write the book on the Aglia styled lures from the fine people at Mepps.


Don said...

Thanks for the props Matt! One of these days I will convince Mike to place a sponsor with The MAD Fishing Show!

DuncanOrr1002 said...
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