Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can’t Catch Fish

Not for lack of trying, my fishing results lately have been worse than dismal. I am talking downright skunksville. Drill, drop, wait. Drill, drop, wait. Last year I could do no wrong. This year I can’t seem to get anything right out on the ice. Choking down the frustration on those defeated walks back to the truck is starting to wear my patience thin. It is almost like my ice fishing is cursed and I can’t catch fish.

Which brings me to the video below. Here is a great music video that is put together very well and just as funny. Stuff like this keeps me from going completely unhinged during the winter months.

This is a video\lip sync of Shad-Rapp’s “Can’t catch fish”. These guys should have this other guy doing all of their videos. If you want to browse through their entire collection of music melodies, they can be found here.

The fish gods love humility. So maybe a little honesty and confessions of my terrible fishing results as of late will help turn my luck around. I am starting to feel like some guy from Illinois.

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Dan said...

Thanks again for the props, man... I guess wearing that scratchy wig for a couple hours was worth it (I was the one lip syncing and the guys in the boat were buddies of mine at camp). :)