Sunday, December 13, 2009

Always someone more Hard Core

Just when I think I am getting to a point where I am leading the pack, someone else shows me just how much further I need to go. Driving to work Tuesday morning during that ultra cold snap and I see this guy (picture below).

(Above: Another one of my “through the windshield” shots hence the slight haze. Even though it is not a fishing photo it does raise the bar for me in a lot of respects. If this guy can bike to work I can fish!)

It’s less than 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The wind is drifting snow at about 15mph making the temp 5 below zero when you add in the wind chill factor. Severe temps like this cut right through just one or two layers and freezes tears to the side of your face.

Here I am in an enclosed 4-wheel drive vehicle with the heater going. Looking at this guy you know this morning is just another morning trek for him.

“This guy makes me look a F%^&*#@ wuss!” I cough.

Mr. Arctic Two-Wheeler here should get a “hard core” award or something for biking to work in weather like this. If there were such an award maybe it would look similar to the one I have created below.

Fishing inspiration can be found virtually anywhere and this time of year I need inspiration most of all. Half of my rods are still geared up for bass and the ice gear was in storage. One the way home from work it was tossed in the truck and the sorting, re-lining and whatnot will begin. The year is not up. I still have weeks to fish. Must Fish!

My must fish name is must fish Matt and I’m a must fish must fish must fish fishaholic!

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