Monday, December 21, 2009

Cheeseman Reservoir goes on Hold until May 2011

(Above: For sme reason I can't post a picture without having to provide alibis and witnesses reports the next three weeks for my boss who still swears this is me in the picture. If it were me, the rod would be bent over.)

It looks like Cheeseman Reservoir is getting a cool down and some valve work. It will re-open in May 1, 2011. Probably not a big deal to most folks but for anglers like me, well we still get a bit twitchy when recalling the Haymen Fire. This shut down the reservoir for a few years.

These temporary shut downs are good for fishing in my opinion as it gives the water and fish a much needed break after being in the spotlight of public pressure. Giving the folks a heads up now will allow them to take “Cheese” off of their 2010 fish list with a “MUST FISH” date set on May 1st 2011…trout, smallmouth and even pike will have let their guard down a bit.

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