Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Proposed Gross Reservoir expansion-triple current size

(Below: This is what Gross looks like now. The image is taken from Google earth. If I come across the proposal plans indicating what the projected growth would look like, I will be sure to post that as well.)

In five years, population growth in Denver will begin to outstrip water supplies, and by 2030, the city will be short about 11 billion gallons of water, according to Denver Water.

That's one of the reasons why the agency is proposing an expansion of Gross Reservoir in southwest Boulder County that would almost triple its capacity. The draft environmental impact statement for the project, which would fill the newly enlarged reservoir with more water from tributaries of the Colorado River near Granby, was released this month.

A public hearing will be held Tuesday in Boulder to collect comments on the environmental impact statement.

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Matt's Rant: Gross will change significantly if this proposal is accepted (and I doubt this proposal will meet much resistance). The good news is that the reservoirs dramatic vertical drop will hold most of this increased water. The inlet area will be moved further back and harder to reach. The inlet is more or less the hot spot of Gross so more walking may reduce some of the crowds there.

Water resources are under increasing pressure. Just meeting the needs for drinking and sanitation is an enormous strain on reservoirs. Irrigation needs and simple dehydration take away the remainder. As more and more water managing agencies crunch the numbers they all point to one conclusion..."We don't have enough water."

Conservation efforts are not anywhere near where they need to be and only a small part of the equation. Look for increased water useage fees across the board as well as increased reservoir size.

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