Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mattsabasser’s pretty lame blog promotion drive

The slump of 2012 really cut into my shameless bragging and made my blog more or less stagnant. This slowed my views and hits down to a trickle. A few months back the “fishing with hookers” video lost me a few folks in the follower’s department. I was afraid of that happening along with a few bloggers signing off or moving to another format. My imaginary PR department (and my follow list) has taken a serious hit of at least four or five followers. To make matters worse the number of new followers has nearly come to a standstill.

It all points to the fact I am not trying hard enough. Not trying hard enough to promote my blog and apparently not willing or able to spruce up the format once in a while. (Sigh) The sad part is that I am probably not going to either. I just want to fish and don’t have the time for managing a part time marketing department on the side for this blog. My focus is on the fishing content. Here is where you come in. For 2012 I am running a shameless blog promotion drive in what will be another failed attempt at making my fishing blog more popular.

Top ten things you can do to shamelessly help me but I’ll totally understand if you don’t.

  1. Follow my blog if you don’t already. Most of my blog hits come from IE outside of my follow list. C’mon guys…show some love. You got a Google e-mail. Sign up and add your avatar thingy to my fishing blogilicious.

  1. Share my blog with a few folks you already send a bunch of stuff to. I don’t even mind if you put something in the subject line like “Cool video link and also some weird guy’s fishing blog…”

  1. Add a few rates to recent posts that you have liked. I know this sounds a bit like groveling. Whatever step exists below groveling is probably where I am at right now.

  1. Add a comment once in a while. A new post on my blog averages fifty to one hundred hits in the first week and then views drop off. Unfortunately my comment section averages about five comments. This is most likely due to two factors; poor writing and most of my viewers are lazy. Let’s meet halfway on this. I will promise to edit my posts better if you add a comment once in a while.
  1. You could put me on a follow list or something like that? One day I will have a follow list and it will be the best ever. You will see. Hopefully my pictures and blog post titles are enough to make it worth your while.

  1. Put in the good word for me around town. You know, say something like, “That Mattsabasser is alright. He just wants to fish.”

  1. Submit my blog to OBN on their “Featured Blog” listing that they have going on.

  1. Don’t hate me for not using a fly rod 24/7 in Colorado. As long as the big fish are going back with minimal harm we should be able to agree to disagree. Fishing is a religion to some in Colorado and my spin fishing trout scene is often referred to as blasphemy.

  1. You could give me a blog shout if you wanted. I know that my efforts probably don’t deserve to be listed on blogs with more advanced layouts, Google banner ads and actual bonafide sponsors. Some blogs are so “boingity-boingity” that a blog shout for Coloradocasters would go virtually unnoticed. In that case you have nothing to lose.

  1. Pick up some trash at one of your local fishing venues and post it up on your blog or even one of the local fishing forums. It would be nice to say something like, “Mattsabasser, this one is for you” with a link to my blog or something like that. It would warm my heart greatly to see the trash pickup photos outweighing the “sink of death” pictures.

More about ColoradoCasters and the Mattsabasser

Once upon a time I envisioned the ColoradoCaster’s entity as some sort of waterhound fishing club with a handful of lunatic anglers shamelessly bragging about their amazing fishing exploits. A few years and many venues later these efforts have boiled down to one thing…a guy that just loves to fish.

Mattsabasser was a term developed at the water cooler and a handle on a few fishing forums back in the day. There are many supporting cast members that I couldn’t do all of this without such as Don and I have even gone so far as to separate those exploits into a different title called The MAD Fishing Show…none of which have been remotely successful in regards to promotional endorsements, TV show offers or anything of that nature. I don't reach out to promoters which is 99% of the problem.


FISH TALES said...

I believe gear fishing and not being a die hard fly only guy has hurt my blog alot.. the whole world wants to just keep trying to put you in a box.. ive had you on my blog roll for quite a while, so im sure all 6 of my readers have already checked you out.. good luck with your drive- keep on fishin-

Mark said...

You know it's funny you mention the fly fishing religion on colorado, especially among the troutier fishier peoples.

The last time I actually wet a line in Colorado was with an ultra light spinning rod, fishing a small lake/big pond just outside of Colorado Springs, heading up the mountain. Neat little pond. My dad and I had a blast fishing for stocker trout a couple days in a row. Hungry fish - there were a couple instances where those fish went airborn and grabbed the rooster tails *in the air* - before they ever got wet. That was awesome.

So I shall endeavor to assist you in getting some flow up - as best as I can with only 52 followers myself (most of whom may already read your blog, but who knows)

Excelsior! Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Matt, I have been a follower of your blog and somewhat frequent comment leaver since I first came across your blog many, many post ago. I appreciate the fact that you are tireless, conscientious about fishing, the fish, and the physical surrounding. I hope that you continue to be as active as you have been and I will do my part to give you as much traffic as I can push to your blog.

Howard Levett said...

I'm still here Mattsabasser and will continue to be here because whether you fish warm water or cold, lure or're crazy man and I love it.

Milady said...

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

bluecollarguy said...

Here's me being less lazy! Keep up the good work-

Boadie30 said...

While never registering till now, I have been reading your blog for years. I fish almost every day (BASS). I fish/pick up trash, primarily on one public-local pond here in Thornton. Through reading your occasional posts concerning trash, I have went from a King Soopers bag to a 39 gallon trash bag to literally driving my truck around the lake hoping I don't get in trouble.. Good job...You have motivated me. I hate that it just keeps pilling up though..