Friday, March 30, 2012

Fat stocker

It happens sometimes for no good reason. I step to the water, make a cast and a big fish ends up tackling my tackle like a freight train. What makes this occasion even more amazing is that I actually land the fish. Not the type of fish I am going for mind you but a decent fish nonetheless. In this case I was chasing bass with heavy metal. You might find me doing this early in the year when a lot of water distance needs to be covered from shore.

This lake has a mix of largemouth bass and stocked trout. Sometimes I get a nibble early in the year from these stocked fin slappers whether I want their attention or not. Certain times of year I find lake dwelling trout to be “annoying” when my focus is on other species. However when these fish come with a bit of gumption and fairly large in size, it can change the outcome as well as my overall perspective on the day. If not for this skunk-beater “cow trout”, I would have had to carry a goose egg all the way home.

My name is Matt and I’m still a fishaholic. 


Bill Trussell said...

What do you think the trout weighted? I wish the lake I fish had trout; it could because of the depth. The deepest placed in Smith Lake is 300 ft. Is this lake where you landed the trout a deep lake? Congrats on pleasant surprise.

Shoreman said...

Pretty chunky for a stocker. Must be eating good.


bluecollarguy said...

Wow i don't check for a few days and bammo, new entries!

I'm def with you on the "annoyance" of "small" trout when they're not your target species but if you get a real nice one it's funny how that that all kinda changes -chuckle-

SweetiePea said...

That's just plain & simple a gorgeous fish.

Anonymous said...

Just about now, Matt, I would take a fish like that without hesitation. Better than the smell of the Skunk!

Coloradocasters said...

@Bill Trussel: I’m guessing three pounds and the photo may not do it justice. This lake averages 20ft depth but has pockets of 30 and maybe 40ft depth. Deep water generally stays cooler which may play a huge factor for trout in Colorado’s future. Thanks again, Bill. Stop by anytime.

@Shoreman: Chunky enough to NOT get eaten. That is the trick for trout in warm water lakes. Always good to see a Mark Shoreman post.

@Bluecollarguy: Absolutely. Not sure why they put trout in here other than to maybe feed the bass and give a few bait dunkers something to chase. But when a big one comes along I am fairly jubilant. Thank you so much fro the comment.

@SweetiePea: Thank you. The light washed out the photo out a bit and the green hues on top are less visible. Female rainbow have more docile jaw than the male. Slightly giddy that you left me a comment.

@Rainbow Chaser: Agreed. The skunk was all over my back earlier this year. February was fairly brutal. Really could have used one these chunkers back then. Good to see you.