Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photos from the field

Through my adventures photos are taken that never seem to make it into specific fish posts. So much of my fishing goes unseen or heard. Even though these pictures may not be ready for prime time fishing posts, I have found a way to fit them in an excerpt called “Photos from the field.”

What again?

(Above: I almost never see these things but this year they are all over the place or at least along one or two rivers on the west slope. Knowing this caterpillar turns into a dull looking moth and not a dragon or a whisker-tailed butterfly is kind of a downer.)

Tree of Scrag

(Above: Some living things are simply a product of their environment. Wind and open space can play havoc with tree limbs that are thin and easily whipped. This tree has endured many years with the wind sculpting the direction of each branch. Half dead, half alive it looks definitely twisted and the most scraggily tree that I have ever seen. )

A peek in the snow

(Above: This sporty buck was nibbling on some leaves when I showed up to take the picture. He looked at me right as the camera went click and then back to his leaf munching.)

Ice Road Trucking

(Above: Guess it’s that time of year again where on some days my daily work commute resembles an episode of “Ice Road Truckers” This is the beginning of the season and it is every bit as slick as it looks. On  these days slow and steady wins the race.”

Evil Bunny

(Above: There is a rabbit in my neighborhood that insists on loitering in a nearby parking lot and will even chase birds or rabbits off. No fear of humans it will generally scamper off only when annoyed. This rabbit may actually be an evil bunny of sorts with a bad habit of gnawing on brake lines.)

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Good luck and good fishing.


TexWisGirl said...

always love your random photo posts. evil bunny. ha ha! :)

Passinthru Outdoors said...

great images. Thanks for sharing them. That bunny gives me the creeps!

Shoreman said...

Nothing wrong with a little tour of the local scenery. Lets us get a look at what you see, through your eyes.


Cofisher said...

I enjoy your random photos as well. Makes me realize that sometimes you do something besides fish, even if just for a minute.

Steve Zakur said...

That looks like a #4 Girdle Bug.

Bill Trussell said...

I could use that tree or scrub as a good crappie attractor. The snow is pretty for a while but soon it wears on you. Great Photos.

Venie said...

Let's exchange our caterpillars, because I'm bored with out caterpillars here.