Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mattsabasser Drive to Fish Tips: Just let them pass

Reaching some of the best fishing areas often requires a bit of driving. The journey to and from the fishing hole can be quite perilous. There may be a lot of fishing tips out there but few that offer advice intended to minimize trouble while traveling from Point A to Point B. I shall make an attempt to fill this void with “Driving to Fish-Tips”.

Just let them pass

Some humans insist on being ahead of everyone else. For some reason this hell bent for leather and always have to be first place crowd seems to be trying to get to the exact same spot as me virtually every time I leave the house. Even if I set the alarm clock for the early jump and drive a few miles over the posted limit there is always at least one led foot hotrod Roger riding my tailgate and flooding my rear view mirror with monster truck headlights. Doing the ol brake pedal tap\stop check only escalates the situation or worse results in an accident. In my years of fishing and driving the best solution I have found is to simply let that crazy pedal to metal driver pass by you.

Just in case a few readers have never heard of the courteous pullover move, it more or less goes something like this. Typically my eyes will start looking for a good pull over spot or move to the right lane when I see a motorist coming up the road around 100mph behind me. If no pull out area exists it may be viable to move as far right as possible, slow down and wave the speeding douche’ on by. The reward is peace of mind and the chance to take things a bit more leisurely rather than all white-knuckled or hotheaded on the way down.

A good fishing trip will always benefit from fewer problems. Hopefully these Drive to Fish Tips help anglers reach the water and return home to fish once again. Good luck and good fishing.


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like a good policy!

Cofisher said...

This guy is my favorite. I always hope there is a police car waiting to pull him over down the road a bit. That and the 103 year old and his wife pulling a 5th wheel and driving in the fast lane going 30 under the speed limit!