Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silly Kids…Saturday is for fishing

Saturdays in my book are almost always reserved for fishing. There are a few exceptions however and two people in this world (my daughters) get veto power over my planned fishing excursions. Admittedly I may be terrible at relationships but my kids are downright awesome. We always try to plan at least one whoop dee do in summer to celebrate this awesomeness as well as wreck one or two of my fishing Saturdays.

Rather than do my usual bla bla write-up I decided to toss together a video montage of sorts. Just a few tidbits here and there from our trip to Elitch Gardens. It has been a while since I have been here and they tricked me thinking that we were going fishing.

(Apologies for the few bad sound splices on the outdated mix track.)

Concession prices were a shade below extortion but this is pretty much what I expected. Still managed to get a beer and some food after paying for tickets getting into the place. The kids had a great time and that makes it all worthwhile. Please know that I was only crazy enough to pay for one beer and the designated driver was in full deployment on the way home. After all...the 10-year old has to learn how to drive sometime.

Another thing that I noticed is that nearly every person above the age of 10 had to do an update\check-in maneuver of some time on their cell phone immediately after getting off of a ride. While waiting in line for rides they would check in at 5-minute intervals with friends or simply update a status of some sort in various social network platforms. I can’t help but marvel at how advanced our collective “Borg-like” society has become. It really looks quite fascinating to me and would be more appealing if it didn’t seem like it would cut so much into my fishing time.

I want to say special thanks to the kids for putting up with Dad and his fishing obsession. Normally I spare them any embarrassment and adhere to their many requests not to post about them on my fishing blog but this trip was actually a lot of fun. Hopefully my one or two regular readers are willing to endure a few filler posts when the kids pull out the fish plan veto.

Good luck and good fishing.


TexWisGirl said...

oh my gawd... thanks for the laughs. was DYING at gramps at the end!!! are you sure that wasn't you after that beer?! :)

but barf on those rides! except for the water splash one. i'd be all over that one...

Jeff Hatt said...

Jeez! that must be the most expensive beer I've ever seen! Even the shadiest London dive charges slightly less.

I hate rides with a vengeance. Can't abide them, but if only I was at the controls - different matter entirely...

Cofisher said...

Wow! I haven't been to Eliches since they made their big, expensive move. Besides the fact that the first lady gets motion sickness and the kids are grown (more or less) I would have to get a second mortgage on the house to afford those prices. Back in the 70s you could go on your allowance, not the parents paycheck.

Coloradocasters said...

@TexWisGirl: Thank you so much. I try to mix in a little humor on these non-fishing montages. And after a few beers I might show a few of my moves on the dance floor. Love the profile\avatar update by the way.

@Jeff Hyatt: Glad you stopped by, Jeff. Yes, the prices are steep and the waiting in lines subtracts greatly from the overall fun. These are the things I do to keep the kids happy. They put up with a lot and Dad’s fishing obsession.

@Cofisher: There were a lot of changes when Six Flags took over. I have also been to far better amusement parks. All in all no one was hurt and just like Las Vegas…I don’t expect to come home with any money. Still a good time once in a while.

Once again let me thank you folks for your continued support on the blogilicious. It warms my heart immensely…wishing you all the best.

Eloise said...

We have a few things in have all girls, I have all boys, you hate theme parks, I hate theme parks, you suck at relationships, I suck at relationships! but I also suck at fishing so that's where the similarities end lol

Coloradocasters said...

@Eloise: Thank you so much for the comment. Sometimes success can be found by knowing weaknesses and strengths within one's self. It seems that most of the things I am good at start with the letter "F" for some reason. Very glad you stopped by.