Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Improving Mayhem for better fish habitat

 (Above: Stock photo of the creek. This is not from the Mayhem section but looks very similar in regards to terrain. I don't have time to run up and grab a shot before going to work...this will have to suffice.)

Trout Unlimited once again steps in to improve fishery habitat where no one else seems to care. Even in troubled economic times T.U. is being the CAN DO solution. Just imagine if PETA and other pretend-friend to animal groups made a fraction of the attempt.

Wildlife conservation starts with improving habitat and such projects are not easy no cheap. Where others reach out for legislation and taxpayer dollars…T.U. comes to the table with their own volunteers and donated funds.

Mayhem gulch is formed by a small seasonal drainage that empties into Clear Creek. The section just above this is little more than a chute offering very little in regards to healthy fish habitat. That being said I still find fish refuge here when all other stretches are crowded. Improvements will include forming roll over dams and holding pools that are more ideal for fish habitat particularly in low water periods.

Clear Creek has taken a lot of abuse starting with the gold rush days. Now the creek suffers sewage spills, tailing washouts from old mining areas and that occasional driver who misses the road and lands smack dab in the middle of the creek. This isn’t the first Clear Creek project from T.U. and it definitely won’t be the last.

PETA has tried to stop fishing in recent years but offers nothing for the fish in return. T.U. projects are always “Fish First”. Before supporting an animal or nature group ask “where is the money going?” If they tell you it is for commercials or shock and awe campaigns say, “No thanks…my donation is going to T.U.”

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Jay said...

I love that this article not only promotes support for TU, but takes a fair shot at PETA at the same time. Good stuff.

Coloradocasters said...

@Jay: Protecting habitat is where it is at. TU has done a lot in my neck of the woods and I am extremely thankful. I wish PETA would bring some of those super models down to the creek and help me pick up some trash.

The Sowbug said...

TU does so much good for the overly abused Clear Creek. Do you or anyone know if Coors chips in much money or efforts? It is their main ingredient...

Coloradocasters said...

@Sowbug: Coors pays money for Clear Creek when they accidentally release ammonia or other harmful elements. The area with the most trash is the section of the creek that Coors rules with an iron fist. The new Miller\Coors may have donated to this project and I may have to dig into this further to make sure.

Another worthwhile effort would be to make certain sections of the creek AFLO\C&R. Talking with open space officials here two weeks ago they stated no one has even mentioned this. Now is a good time to get the petition ball rolling.