Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photos from the field

Through my adventures photos are taken that never seem to make it into specific fish posts. So much of my fishing goes unseen or heard. Even though these pictures may not be ready for prime time fishing posts, I have found a way to fit them in an excerpt called “Photos from the field.”

July has come with much rain. The runoff and high country snow has pushed my planning off quite a bit. Rather than hitting the prime time river sections I find myself picking a cast at this pond or that. Some months are easier than others and as always I am thankful for every cast.

Along came a spider

(Above: Walking the trail to an open space pond my eyes notice a black creature with eight furry legs about the size of a quarter. It was a jumping spider poised to attack. Its eyes were a glowing emerald green as it sat perched on a thick blade of grass. Curious, my feet stopped and I snapped a couple of photos. On the third picture my ears heard a faint raspy voice whisper, “Just a little closer…”)

Colorado Saguaro

(Above: Colorado is considered for the most part a mountain desert with an arid\high altitude climate. The common mullein often gains the appearance of a saguaro cactus even if only in silhouette form reminding me of a much drier form of terrain.)

Moving upstream

(Above: Taking a tour of the creek the other day looking for any scrap of slack of water to fish. Everything was moving fast and furious including a few really really big fish. I tossed a few things at them but they wouldn’t take.)

End of the rainbow

(Above: Chasing rainbows looking for the pot of gold is fruitless. However, due to real estate development and loss of habitat in mystical forests, Leprechaun’s have been forced to come up with alternatives for their pot of gold.)

Train keep on rolling…

(Above: After a few years of blogging I have seen writers\posters come and go. Some folks get bored after a while and posting drops off. Other bloggers may become frustrated with the realization that blogging didn’t result in big fat checks from Google. Know that I am going to do my best to keep my fishing blogilicious train rolling.)

Thank you so much for your views, comments and rates. This blog is fueled by your support. 

Good luck and good fishing.


AYearOnTheFly said...

Nice photo bucket. Looks like that fish would have trouble going after anything. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love blogging too! I'll never get rich off of it, but my writing has certainly got better so that's an intangible. Plus, getting involved in all of this stuff has REALLY opened my eyes to what else is out there and what people are doing in their area. I started it just because I was keeping a journal and I felt like this was a good alternative, it's been ok so far lol.

Simply Deb said...

I love those pictures! I really have to get back to taking more pictures for my gardening blog. Thanks for all your suppport on my health blog! **hugs**

texwisgirl said...

beautiful train photo! love the backdrop of the clouds. :)

and i HATE those aggressive jumping spiders!

hi matt, nice to meet you! i'm not a fisherperson but i love nature and outdoor scenery and wildlife so i'll happily follow along here with you. thanks for finding my blog!

(and i just did a post last weekend admitting my addiction to squirrel ears... my name is TexWisGirl and i'm a squirrelaholic...)

My Journey With Candida said...

Very nice pictures, except for the spider... I would of stayed away from that as far as I could get.

Cofisher said...

Nice photos! I like the story behind the story. Jumping spiders? Really?

Coloradocasters said...

@AYearOnTheFly: Deeply honored that you stopped by. You amaze me with your talents and greatly encouraged by comments from you. Best wishes to you, good sir.

@JGR: Agreed. Blogging can be what you make it and even though I still publish most of my material from the keyboard spliced into a waffle iron. Why have I not been following your blog sooner?

@Simply Deb: I have thought about giving a blog shout for as it offers natural alternatives that seem to be lost in the modern in the world of today. Life changing stuff. You actually have a few blogs that I enjoy and need to add myself to a couple more. Greatly appreciate the comments.

@texwisgirl: I have stopped by your fantastic blog before ( and think the quality of your photos are superb). You are living a rancher’s dream and enjoy

@My Journey With Candida: Thank you so much. My cameras take a beating every trip and it is amazing that they take pictures at all. The spider must have gotten fat on bumblebees. These B52 honey bombers were hovering all over the place on wildflowers near by.

@Cofisher: I’m tellin’ ya that I have to look in all directions all the time. Lose my focus for one second and WHAM! Nature is going to bite you in the posterior. Adventures in Colorado are not to be taken lightly and things that are small can be just as dangerous as things that are big. In some cases it is what I don’t see that scares me the most.

Venie said...

Pass by to say Hi and thnx for following my blog, I love ur pix so much, especially the train. Don have the time to read ur blog thou but i promise i will read it later if i got the time. I've follow ur blog too ;)

Shoreman said...

We all have days when we want to blow off the blog. I'm living proof, but I'm still here. Thanks for sharing the photo's. My Great-Grandmother believed in the "little people", the mystical forest, and the pot of gold. Guess she never found one.


Coloradocasters said...

@Venie: Delighted to have you as a follower and thank you for the wonderful photo comments. View my blog at your leisure.

@Shoreman: Some say it is foolish to believe in such things and I think it is a bit foolish to discard such possibilities. One may not be able to see such wonders unless their eyes and mind are wide open. Very glad to see you back blogging Mr. Shoreman (Mark).