Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carter Res.-Larimer County getting serious about trophy fish management

First it was Lagerman Res. with some revised keep limits and overall emphasis on trophy fish management. Now Carter is going to get a boost with a change in regulations. Now instead of keeping one fish 16 to 18-inches, an angler can keep three fish 21 inches or smaller. This will help remove the common slot predator base allowing more walleye to grow larger. It will also ease the pressure off of other species that are getting hammered by these tasty yet aggressive fish. It may seem that keeping more fish is a move in the wrong direction but in this case it is exactly what the water needs. As sampling continues, the regulations may change accordingly.

When managing agencies make decisions based more on what nature needs as opposed to what the public wants, a few feathers get ruffled. Some folks may not understand these modifications that vary by body of water. It is easy to get confused in a trophy management scenario as opposed to the one-size fits all regulations that exist for most of the Front Range. Taking a moment to read the additional signage as well as adhering to these new modifications will have substantial payoff in the future. Fish will get larger, healthier and the take can only improve. Sport lovers get what they want as well with fish over 21 inches going back to the water to be caught many times.

I am very encouraged by the recent changes made in Larimer County and welcome more water management intended to improve trophy fish in Colorado. Who knows, maybe we even see some smallmouth regulation changes as well. Below is a link to the press release on the Denver Post website written by Dave Coulson.


Sanders said...

Sounds like a good change. I know that these regulations do help with the health of a fishery. I hope this has its intended affect.

Coloradocasters said...

@Sanders: Great comment and I hope that as well. Folks in Larimer County have been fairly vocal about what they want in regards to trophy fishing. Their comments, opinions and dialogue is polite, intelligent and without too much emotion. More counties could do the same. Managing officials want what is best for the environment but still have to answer to public opinion. If all they hear is folks wanting bait and take stocked trout…that is what they will get. Now is the time to reach out and let your sport fishing wishes be heard.