Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The rank of slinger

Sling-er (noun) Definition: a person that slings things. (Not sure why I expected a little more from Webster’s but a simple answer is usually best understood.)

We all can agree that angling comes in many different forms and styles. Colorado has quite the population of fishing brethren whether it be the small stream fly casters, big lake boaters or the leisure shore lounging crowd. These differences do not make one of us better than the other. They are simply differences. Within each person lies the various measure of skill level or the manner of fishing ethics that are employed. Having said that I do feel as if there are different ranks. Like designated positions on a team they act with purpose to get the fishing job done.

One of the more serious anglers out there is the shoreline “slinger”. Casting is their forte’ whether it be precisely skipping lures under over hanging tree branches or long distance search cast mode. Scouring the shoreline they do not seek awards, trophies or even eat the fish they catch. They also don’t use words like relaxing or fun when re-telling their adventures of success and failure. A slinger has slung ten thousand casts ten thousand times re-spooling as often as necessary. For those anglers willing to fish the areas furthest from the parking lot I offer a salute and recognize the rank of slinger.

(Above: My version of a sports card for no-name anglers that fish with a level of intensity that rivals that of any tournament angler. Still working on the B-Side of this card with the graphics team. Ok, not really. These guys barely clock in anymore.)

Once again, one rank is no better than the other in the overall scope of the universe and fishing. They all catch fish on any given day or the other. The love of the outdoor experience and the dream of one more cast helps fuel our passion for the sport.

Good luck and good fishing.


Shoreman said...

I think I should start my own sports card. Shoreman instead of Sam Slinger. Could be a collectors item.


John said...

On the back you would need to list the weapons of choice and of course the statistics that go with them.
Slinger works for you Matt, but I'd rank Mark a Castmaster.

Cofisher said...

I hope you continue with with other ranks.

Coloradocasters said...

@Shoreman: There you go. Let me know when you get it done. I’ll take two.

@John: Mark fishes a lot from shore and extra distance is required. Never fished with Mark but do consider him a Cast Master of sorts. I am unable to rank myself as a true slinger as I have become a bit spoiled by my tuber and tooner boats. Rookie is more of what I consider myself and probably always will.

@Cofisher: Indeed I will continue with these rankings shedding some light on a few less than favorable methods or folks that probably should look into other sports where people are more organized to clean up after them.

Don’t be shy with the comments folks. Blogger looks to be back on track now with the glitches fixed. It may be safe to jump back into the blogger comment pool.

Don said...

Sam that is priceless!